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Alpinestars - Techstar Coolmax Socks

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Alpinestars - Techstar Coolmax Socks

Designed for Motorcross and off-road use, Techstar socks are the perfect complement to Alpinestars off-road boots, giving comfort and improved moisture shedding capability.

  • Constructed using Coolmax® to help keep feet cool and dry.
  • Ribbed design to reduce bunching at the ankles and heels.
  • Highly elastic, anti-bacterial and odor resistant.
  • Knee length to accommodate use with off-road boots.

Great Socks!!


I ordered them because i was tired of having my feet sweat badly from regular socks. They are really soft, and fit GREAT! I am 6'2" tall, 170 lbs, and have thin calves. I bought the L/XL and they form to my leg perfectly. They keep my feet nice and cool, and are holding up very well. After 5+ washes, they still have not faded, stretched, or began to fall apart. Best sock on the market!


Iowa Falls, Iowa




These are really nice, high quality socks. They are made of a fairly thin material which made my boots feel a touch looser than normal, nothing adjusting the buckles couldn't fix. If you are after warm socks check out something with a thicker material (I liked the thick fox ones). These were extremely comfortable to wear and kept my feet dry and cool.

Elliot C

Perth, Australia

great value


comfort factor , durable and surprisingly dry in the heat.


Western Australia


Good Socks, Fresh and Smooth


Use them a whole day in a quadcross competition at around 25°C, and they were very fresh and confortable. I would prefered them to be a little more over the knee, but besides that everything was good.




Alpinestars - Techstar Coolmax Socks

4.5 4


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