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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Axo - Dart Boot

Product Code: AXO10DART

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Axo - Dart Boot

  • Designed in USA, developed in Italy and California.
  • New slimmer toe box and lower shifter height.
  • PU coated leather, perforated and foam backed synthetic outer construction.
  • 3D stitched synthetic sinstep and heel flex panel.
  • Replaceable PU injection molded buckles.
  • Open cavity molded shin and calf plates.
  • Steel shank and molded mid sole.

Cheap boots & good rain jacket


The size of boots is too small(


Kurgan, Russia

Bang for your buck!!


Good boot so far had it for 6 months held up good and good price also it will be good to break in the boot at home by wearing it and using Garry Semics way of breaking in the boot then it wont be to awkward first ride. once broken in its an awsome boot. I think the buckles rival the Alpinestars buckle which is awsome.




dart rating


the boot is one of the most comfortable ive ever worn straight up. good protection but the thick plastic of the toe shifter area makes it quite hard to feel the gears and the first few rides may get a little hairy with un expected gear changes. I advise wearing them in before riding do what i did; beat the hell out of the shifter area with a mallet. Apart from that the buckles are a nifty little inovation with a smaller lever'd section on the buckle itself which makes for easy release of the buckles when they are caked up with mud.




Axo - Dart Boot

3.7 3


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