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EVS - Brace Sleeves

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EVS - 2010 Brace Sleeves

  • Vented Lycra to keep you cool
  • Gripper calf and thigh to keep sleeve and braces in place
  • Comfort for under knee protection
  • a 'must have' for any remotely serious rider

Not worth the money.


I bought these knee brace sleeves because I run the EVS RS9 knee braces, and needed something under the braces to keep my legs from getting chewed up by the brace straps. These sleeves do not stay in place at all. I recommend getting the full EVS long underwear for the best under-brace use.


Saint Johns, Michigan


Could use some elastic


I needed something under my brace so I got this. However it could use some elastic or something to hold it up on the thigh. It wants to slide down even with just walking around the house.


Los Angeles, CA


Awesome with knee braces


Knee brace sleeves are perfect to wear with KNEE BRACES not knee pads. Fits comfortably over any sock and under any knee brace. The sock never slides, moves, or stretches. I have had the same pair for almost two years now and they have not torn, stretched, or hardly lost their color. I ride 1-2 times a week and don't dry them in the dryer and this is the results I have. They are are also very light weight so it doesn't hardly add any bulk under my knee brace. For the price, I don't plan on buying anything else. *I wear Asterisk knee braces.

That girl

Orlando, FL


Keep it simple


i bought the EVS - Brace Sleeves because i dont lika the long sleeves and I dont want another layer of shorts under my gear.


Sweden Stockholm


Not what was expected


They don't stay in place and end up sliding under your knee brace. Therefore they cause rubbing and are like not having anything on at all. You would be better off having the full leg or longer shorts underneath. Seemed like a good idea, but didn't work out like that!

The filmer

McKinney, TX


work well with my EVS braces


they slip on underneath and are a nice buffer so i dont get all nicked up from the braces. makes things a lot more comfortable.




Don't be fooled by the picture


One problem with buying online is you can't see and feel the product. These sleeves look the business but are lacking rubber to keep them up so after an hour of riding they slip down inside your knee guards and bunch up which is worse than not wearing anything underneath at all!

KTM Klee

Sydney, Australia


EVS - Brace Sleeves

3.0 7


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