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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

FMF - SST Pipe (Honda)

Product Code: FMF2FACSSTH

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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FMF - SST Pipe

The SST is our top of the line 2-stroke exhaust pipe. Unique and trademarked via the SST module on the back and its chrome plating, the SST Exhaust system greatly improves the ENTIRE powerband. It was voted Product of the Year by Dirt Rider Magazine. The secret to SST is the patented shape of the exhaust system, and it's ability to increase horsepower through the use of sonic wave technology. The most noticeable element of an SST pipe are various bulges and funnel shapes, such as where the rear chamber meets the stinger section. There are also differences in pipe diameters and silencer junctions. The SST exhaust system changes the sonic waves, backpressures and exhaust gas temperatures that effect engine performance and throttle response. You get more power. And better throttle response. The SST System was developed by the team of Donnie Emler of FMF and Dave Simon, a pioneer inventor in sonic-wave technology.



This pipe is look great and sounds even better, I put it on my CR 125, It bolted on pretty easily! I did have to get a new seal that goes on the exhaust mount though, I haven't had the chance to take it for a ride yet but I reckon it will peform. It def looks good and sounds awesome I would recommend FMF exhausts


Darwin NT




love the sound this pipe make it is sweet bolt on power!




Sick Pipe


Awsumn pipe!!!!!definately must get the V-Force 3 Reed with this.My power band comes in so much sooner and hits so much harder i would not get any other pipe then the FMF SST on any two stroke and beside the performance gain i got,It looks good and my bike sounds so mean :) .....


Jhb,South Africa


unbeliveble torq


this pipe makes my bike run like a champ it has so gives so much torq to mu cr85 and i run the shorty silencer with it."


okc, ok usa



i love this pipe, it really makes my cr 250 scream! it also looks a lot better than the stock black pipe. i used this with an fmf shorty silencer."


saracuse, ny us

FMF - SST Pipe (Honda)

5.0 5