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Fastway - Evolution III Footpegs

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Fastway - EVO III Footpegs

The most versatile footpeg system on the planet! Straight from the race track, our Evolution III footpegs feature Fastway�s patented threaded F3 pin-style cleats. These pegs offer sure-footed confidence, maximum grip, and adjustability. Two pin lengths allows you to customize peg set-up for all conditions, traction needs, and your personal riding style.


Our patent pending Universal Collar System is designed for ergonomics and adjustability. The system allows you to choose from Standard or Lowboy seat-to-peg height positions (see pop-up image below), giving you a custom fit between you and your ride. In addition our FKMS (Fast Kamber Mounting System) allows you to adjust the upward and downward tilt of the pegs.


For Peg accessories, CLICK HERE


  • Massive platform for comfort and stability
  • Patented teeth for maximum control
  • Ergonomically adjustable
  • Camber and height adjustable
  • 17/4 stainless steel construction
  • Fully rebuildable (See rebuild kits)
  • Replaceable cleats

They're heavy


I am not impressed, I bought these to install on a bike for a tall person who needs more room on the bike. These are heavy, the cleats are impossible to remove when they get worn, and they're made of stainless steel.


B.F. Egypt


Favorite Pegs


Excellent quality, fit, and finish, tough as nails too. Super grip as well. For a taller rider the lowboy position is amazing, makes the bike so much more comfortable..


West Richland Wa


Best fotpeg ever


This pegs are the best pegs there are in performance, durability and pricevalue. Easy to Change cleats. Lowboy mounts are Great. Angel changing is better than you belive for your own performance on the bike.



Great product


Great product. Works well




Fastway F3 Evolution II Footpegs


It's usually the right side peg that won't work in the lowered position but with the F3 it's the left mount that has to be ground to accommodate the peg in the lowered position. But they are workable on this bike and that's what's important. The lowered position works well for me making transition to standing and vice versa a bit easier and also they are back a little giving more space between the peg and brake/shifter. YMMV These are well made extremely comfortable, wide, and can be adjusted. I prefer them over any other foot pegs on the 2013 WR 450.


Yuma, AZ


Great product


Great quality product




big thumbs up


i used the taller pin cleats and had phenominal grip... i felt more comfortable and better overall control over my bike. easy to install and easy to adjust. 450exc




good upgrade from standard pegs


The F3 hex head cleats are grippy and dont seen to be waring out my tech 8 soles as fast as the standard RMZ pegs do, The width is evident as soon as you ride the bike, i found no need for adjustment in the shifter or brake lever with the pegs set in the "low boy" position, Im a 6"3' rider so the lowering of the pegs made for a good customisation, Fitment took ages though, the bolts that adjust the camber of the pegs was an incorrect size. I had to go and buy some high tensile bolts and get a grinder to them and make my own..... WT [*] ???. The kit was for my model and year but maybe it was a packaging fault......Apart from bolt dramas, i don't think i'll be able to ride with standard pegs ever again after using these,

West Aussie sand groper

Perth, WA


Good quality and easy to maintain.


Boot can get lodged under shift lever on my CR250 [sz12]. Adjust lever accordingly. No problems on my GasGas


Wpg, Can.


Improved ergos but not enough grip.


I recommend buying the spike tooth version straight off. The socket head screws are too slippery. Luckily I can upgrade to the spikes but at additional expense.


Auckland, New Zealand


Fastway - F3 Evolution II Footpegs

4.5 15