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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Ogio 180 Moto Stand

Product Code: OGIOSTAND

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Ogio - 180 Moto Stand

The patent pending OGIO 180 moto stand is turning the industry on its head. �Unlike previous stands where you had to lift the back of the bike onto the stand, the OGIO 180 �does the lifting for you. The rider simply pushes the bike forward and the OGIO 180 does the rest. �As the front tire rolls through the framework, the stand rotates 180 degrees and engages and lifts the �bike onto the stand. To take the bike off, simply pull the bike back and the OGIO 180 will reverse the motion. �Now you�re ready to roll.

The 180 stand is pretty simple. Push your bike through the stand and it rotates to automatically to lift the bike with no need to use your post moto weak and shaky arms to lift at all.

not sold on this


this stand takes alot of practice to get used to. i had to watch a few youtube vids on how to make the ogio stand work. you have to be going at the right speed and carry consistent momentun for it to work properly and even then, sometimes it still wont work. if your bike has a skid plate, it will be even harder to use. after a moto if there is any mud caked up on the bottom of the frame rails, it wont work. after 20 runs in my garage to get my timing down and one trip to the track, i returned mine.almost 2 years later, i dont see any of these stands at the track.


los angeles,ca


i would buy this again


use this when riding at the block put it were your gonna park the bike and just roll on or roll off great product


adelaide south australia


Tricky to figure out but good stand


Stand is a bit tricky to learn how to use. Works better on a floor with traction. Not very good on slick garage floor and hard to use in tight area when you can't roll bike onto stand.


Dirty South Texas




Well made but very difficult to operate.Too fast and stand hooks onto front tyre.Requires a little lift at rear fender to go on properley.Only works well on flat ,level, grippy surfaces.Did cause alot of amusement in pits, but I have had cheaper laughs.




Awesome Stand


This stand is amzing , so easy to use . Great for if you are alone and no lifting . A real backsaver .


Oxbow Sk. Canada


Ogio 180 Moto Stand

3.8 5