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Pro Circuit - 4-Stroke T-4 Exhaust System - (50-230cc) Mini Bikes

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Pro Circuit - T-4 Mini Exhaust Systems

  • Improved power delivery and exhaust note
  • Body is made from lightweight 6061 T-6 brushed aluminum
  • Tunable end caps allow fine-tuning of power delivery for different types of riding and terrain
  • Top-quality construction assures long life
  • High-quality stainless steel and aluminum construction eliminates rust problems
  • Machined-aluminum end caps
  • Silencers include wire-meshed spark arrestors that can be removed for close-course racing; silencer is completely rebuildable
  • Steel Allen head screws make repacking and easy task
  • Exclusive E-glass pillow packing
  • System includes headpipe
  • Shapes and sizes will vary depending upon make and model of bike



this pipe is great i have a 110 S.S.R. that is tricked out with lots of things but this pipe tops it its very very clean sounding and mean . fresh fantastic looks . great throttle response makes your bike look sick . over all i have owned this for 4 days and i ride my pit bike constantly and i have still not found any thing wrong with it .


simi valley , ca


crf 50 pro circuit exhaust


This pipe makes ur little 50 look even more like ur big bike, plus it makes a great little note and go like the clappers!!!"

sam mather

Melbourne, Victoria AU

Great Product


I Bought this for my kawasaki klx125l it runs good very loud and dosent use more petrol than before. I recommend it to anyone who id thinking about buying one."

Matt Cooper

Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Pro Circuit - 4-Stroke T-4 Exhaust System - (50-230cc) Mini Bikes

5.0 3