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Ride Engineering - One-Piece Bar Mount (Oversized)

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Ride Engineering - One-Piece Bar Mount (Oversized)

Re-designed one final time to produce the lightest most resistive to twisting bar mount in our 9 year history. This one-piece 1 1/8” design removed 1 oz over the previous (GEN III) version while further increasing its strength and torsional resistance in the event of a crash. Precision machined from aircraft quality aluminum, with 3mm of adjustability forward or back. Re-sized to be the same height as the 2010 YZ450F bar mounts. Add the 10mm taller spacers to equal the 2010 250F height. Note: For use of this mount on the stock Yamaha triple clamp, a longer bolt kit will be necessary (P.N.: YZ-76175-KT see below). Make sure at least 8 theards are visible when the bolt is pushed through from underneath, although 11 is ideal. If less than 8 threads are engaged, purchase two 2" long 7/16 fine thread bolts and/or add/remove washers accordingly (With the stock clamps, its OK to remove both washers to achieve the desired height).

-This Item will use your existing mounting hardware and rubber cushions. 


  • For KX 250F 2015-2016, Bar mount ONLY fits rear position. To use the front position, you MUST purchase the mount for RM-Z250 08-16 (Part #RM-BBM08-CA)
  • For KX 450F 2012-2016, Bar Mount ONLY fits rear position. To use the front position, you MUST purchase the mount for RM-Z450 08-16 (Part #RM-BBM08-CA)

Perfect machining


Had to replace my stock broken ones on my 20a6 KTM250sxf. Was super impressed with the quality of this part, kinda bulky looking but meaty everywhere you would want it. Only complain is the 8 bolts to tightening and loosening the bar. I understand this a as a design choice but a pain for any bar adjustment. Machining on this part is impeccable, awesome part. The hardened shafts that bolt them to the clamp is also really nicely finished.


NSW, Australia


Great Product


Love this product however I had a hard time using my factory pad when I as told my factory bar pad would work just fine. After extensive reach, the Pro Tap 2.0 square pad works great with no cutting or trimming. As for the the bar mount, it's much more stronger than stock and keeps the handle bars straight in the event of a crash.

Love Dirt Riding

Atlanta, GA


Keep the Bars Straight!


Purchased to install on the Ride Eng. Triple Clamps I purchased also. Wanted to keep the bars from twisted in fall. Very sturdy.


Winchester, VA


Ride One piece the way to go.


Only thing I didn't like was it didn't come with any torque specs for the 8x8mm bolts to tighten down bars. Would have been helpful. Great product though! I added the Triple clamps as well.


Parker, CO


Love it


Fits well. Stops the twisting of bars after a fall. Well manufactured


Brisbane, Australia


Ride Engineering - One-Piece Bar Mount (Oversized)

4.8 5