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SDG - Complete Replacement Seats (Kawasaki)

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SDG is a known leader in the bicycle seat industry, utilizing years of extensive R&D and manucaturing techniques, SDG is the first manufacturer to offer a high quality, ready to install replacement MX seat at a price you will not belive!Compare the cost for an expensive OEM replacement seat, a seat base, foam and/or seat covers... and add to that, the frustration of installing new foam and/or a replacement seat cover and we are certain you will agree that these seat assemblies are AWESOME!

Complete seat assemblies include:

  • Base: Bead blasted nylon base that's stronger than stock.
  • Foam: Closed cell water resistent foam which makes it less prone to water saturation and will not break down while being power washed.
  • Seat Cover: SDG two-panel black gripper seat cover with nylon-backed stitching for unsurpassed durability and that factory look.
  • Mounting Brackets: Model specific brackets are replaceable (unlike OEM brackets which are riveted)

First modification every tall rider should make!


The seat fitted the bike perfectly. My cornering and total speed increased dramatically. Can squeeze the bike more easily with my legs.




Must have for tall guys...


Cheap price, high quality, this is the 3rd SDG tall seat I've had, never had any problems. Each time I get a new bike I go a couple months on the stocker, then buy an SDG and ride more comfortably. Especially if you own a KXF with their disentgrating seat foam, a must have if you are tall.




Unbelievable value, excellent fit


Great fit for my 06 KX250F


Menlo Park CA


works great! a tad hard tho.


it works great its a tad hard .. but id rather hard then to soft like the original kawasaki seat... u can move around better!


wollongong australia


SDG - Complete Replacement Seats (Kawasaki)

4.8 4