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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Gaerne - 2015 SG-10 Boot

Product Code: SG1009

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Gaerne - SG-10 Boot

The Gaerne SG-10 boot for motocross are a top of the line, premium boot designed for the serious motocross racer.  Gaerne is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to making boots and with over 45 years experience, Gaerne has manufactured some of the finest footwear the world has ever seen. Gaerne motocross boots are made with only the highest quality components and are manufactured in Italy.

The Gaerne SG-10 boot sets itself apart from other boots with a built in ankle alignment system, supercross shank, as well as a heel bumper and memory cell inner foam liner that provides an amazingly comfortable fit right out of the box.  If you are looking for a top of line motoross boot that provides unrivaled protection and long lasting quality, then the Gaerne SG-10 motocross boot is the perfect boot for you.

  • Buckle System: This new lightweight feature allows the rider more ankle support while at the same time gives you a comfortable fit
  • Gaerne Floating System: The super strong "Razorback Pivot System" surrounds the ankle while at the same time flows with your natural movement to ensure a great fit
  • Anatomic Fit: A soft, comfortable, anatomic fit with the new indestructible P.U. memory cell interior foam.  Bio-Foam upper/inner liner and a shock absorbing inner footbed liner adds to the pillow like interior feel
  • Dual Composite Sole: The famous dual composite supercross sole

This is my 2nd pair of sg10's in 7 race seasons.


These boots are like meeting a new old friend.


North Jersey Off Road Riding School


Sorry, but not for me anymore...


In fact, those boots were VERY comfortable, the sole was resistant (except normal use on the right one, no magic button on my CRF 250), very good product but felt sore on the ankles sometimes, and the buckle system is what is failing! Not only it happened too many times to get stuck on the footpeg which caused almost always a fall down (I am small BTW) , but it is the parts that went away along with the plastic cracking!!! The plastic wore so fast I was disapointed because the rest of the boots was still OK and could have last years!!! Maybe it is the heat and humidity combined with the sun strong in my island, but still...




Love these boots


Good looks, very little break in time. Only used them once so far, but I'm happy with their feel. I really like the ankle flexibility.

D. Nasty

Austin, TX


I would buy this boot again


The boot looks great and fits well. I don't know if its my calf muscle area thats larger, but the boot does leave an imprint on my leg, it doesn't cause discomfort but I do notice it after I take them off. At first they weren't very flexible but after a ride or two they feel awesome. Definitely a great boot, im new to Enduro style riding so I was glad these boots gave me the confidence to ride.


Manta, Ecuador


Love these boots!!


Great boots.. I switched from my alpinestars and these fit so much better.. Just take some getting used to. So far they haven't broke in after 2 rides. Looking to wear them a lot more !




Love them boots


Great product


New Zealand


Awesome boots


Got the boots for riding my KX250 at the track. Just started riding again, so I'm not a very experienced rider (yet). These feel great and protect well. Great quality and I expect these to protect my shin to my toes for years. Friends have Gaerne boots and and don't recommend any other.


Mansfield, TX


Great Boots


These SG-10's are a much better product then my previous Fox boots. Only problem is the steel toe cap came off after 1 ride.Easily fixed.


Palm Desert Ca.


great boots


Good quality boots. Nice look and fit.


Quebec, Canada


Good boots


Good boots for this price.


Russian Federation


Gaerne - 2015 SG-10 Boot

4.7 61