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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Sunline - SL-4 Clutch Assembly w/ V-1 MDX Lever


Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Sunline - SL-4 Clutch Assembly w/ V-1 MDX Lever

The SL-4 rotating clutch asembly is paired with the unbreakable V-1 MDX lever for the ultimate perch combination.

Forged CNC machined perch & rotator clamp with Teflon sleeve allows the entire assembly to spin out of harms way in a crash, yet stay firmly in place while riding.

For use with Hot Start or Non-Hot Start equipped bikes.


Sick Lever Set-Up


I installed this lever and perch after I rode with a bent stock lever for about 2 years, which never gave me any problems btw. This Sunline perch and lever basically run off Aunt Jemima and melted butter....this thing is sooo smooth there's no other way to describe it. Also, unbreakable is a fairly accurate description. The movement works off of internal ball bearings that are definitely top notch. I've never seen such quality on any other lever and perch set-up.




High quality part that works


Really nice lever and perch. Fitted up relatively easy although it comes with no instructions, but it still easy enough to work out. The lever feels very nice and the whole thing looks awesome. I haven't crashed yet to test out the durability but I'm guessing it will take a lot of abuse, particularly with the ability of the lever to move fore/aft as well as up/down.


Auckland, New Zealand


Awesome perch and lever!


Unbreakable design, great looks, great adjustability and great quality!


Misawa Japan


Does exactly what it says.


Although no instructions included in the package, the assembly is still vairly easy and fast. First day out with the new perch and levers (V1 clutch an brake to suit) I came off prettyfast and hard on some whoops... If I had my stock perch and levers there def would have been snapped parts. Only negative I the brake lever didn't come with a sunline rubber guard, and the stock YZF one looks tacky on the trick new lever.


Adelaide Australia.


nothing better


Just installed this on my Yamaha 450 and it is great. the stock Yamaha clutch adjuster was terrible to use in the pits and impossible on the track. This system allows fast adjustments on the track while giving all the advantages of the indestructible V1 lever. The hotstart lever was a bit of a pain to get set and the directions were not clear but a bit of playing with it and it is spot on. Looks great on the bike but more important it adds a level of functionality that was missing on the stock setup.


Wisconsin- district 16


Goooood product!!!


Yes, this product is a great thing, really! this is part of the brake lever, you can drop what you want and nothing happens, plus the friction becomes so soft that it idraulic seems!


Valdobbiadene , treviso , Italia

Not a good fit for 150R's


Put this on son's 150R 6 months ago and since we have install 3 clutches. Went back to factory perch. The stock clutch cable on the 2008 150R is not long enough for this perch and will not allow the clutch to be fully disengaged after alittle wear has began. They are wonderful other than that just wish I had more adjustment.


Centreville, AL


The Bomb of Lever's


I have raced since i was a kid an i always put the best durable parts on my bikes an these sunlines are the best i have ever used, saves those times when points matter an somthing go's wrong an break a lever. up/down and forward movement, it's the best.

Luggs Jr

W.A Australia


Fits easy


Very good product. Was a little disapointed that there were no instructions.




Holds a crash allright


Bought this one for a Suzuki in 08 I think. Been running it ever since. It handels all sorts of crashes. I have had a dosin tip overs and a pretty hard highside on the landing of a jump.




Sunline - SL-4 Clutch Assembly w/ V-1 MDX Lever

4.5 12