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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Sunline - V1 Forged Flex Brake Lever (Kawasaki)

Product Code: SUNV1BK

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Sunline V1 Flex Brake Levers

  • InVINCEible technology - Covered by patent 6,047,611. No other lever has this level of technology in it. No cables to break, just good solid hardware.
  • Introducing MDX - You don't crash in one direction, why should your lever bend in one? The new V-1 MDX is not a flex lever. The new V-1 uses the new multi-directional or MDX platform. Like no other lever before it, the V-1 MDX moves forward, up and down. Eliminating the need for expensive, complicated perches. MDX, because you don't crash in one direction.
  • Guaranteed - We will back every V-1 MDX lever with an unprecedented five year warrantee.
  • The inspiration Vince Warren - In the 80's racer and inventor Vince Warren came with the idea of having a lever that would not break and cost him winning a race. Vince passed away before he could see his dream become a reality. Vince's mom determined to see her sons dream come true, kept pursuing the dream to make it happen. Enter Sunline. Over 25 years later, his vision becomes a reality. Named after his likeness, for every V-1 MDX lever sold, a portion of the proceeds go to The Vince Warren estate.
  • Light - The V-1 MDX lever weighs in at a svelte 123 grams.

Sunline-V1 lever


Sunline V1 - comfortable levers, easy to install and easy to adjust.


Russian Federation, Moscow Region


Great Warrenty


They wont Break.. But they will Bend.. Warrenty is Great. Blue Colour dont match: Brake & Clutch, they are slightly off in colour

Red Dirt Racing

PEI Canada




Already paid for itself! When contemplating whether to go with Sunline or another brand that doesn't also flex up and down... Go with this one. It flexes every which way, but loose to keep you on the track. Not fishing around for an old broken lever in your tool box

450 Brad

Pinon Hills, CA


Colors Blue Clutch vs Brake are differen


Great Product Great Warrenty even when bent Bought Blue: Brake & Clutch are differnt shades of Blue

MX Canadian Rider



¨Simply the best levers


Bought both the cluch and brake levers as I got tired of replacing bent oem-parts (crash a lot). The V1's are actualy unbreakable, at leats to my knowledge. Mounts right on and feels better than most levers. adjustability is sufficient. Miss bearings, but come on... who needs them realy?

Mr. crashalot



Very very excellent


One of the best lever ever used. Nice price related to very high quality


Rome, Italy


Sunline - V1 Forged Flex Brake Lever (Kawasaki)

5.0 6