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Trail Tech - Kickstand

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Trail Tech - Kiskstand

Custom designed side stands for both Enduro and MX style motorcycles.  Strong, lightweight and attractive.

  • Ultra-high strength chromoly mounting bracket
  • Lightweight, high strength forged aluminum stand
  • Aluminum reinforced, high impact nylon foot at base of stand - no sharp edges
  • Custom designed for exact model fit - installs in 10 minutes.  No modifications required
  • 10mm grade 14.9 (metric) pivot bolt

Note: All KTM stands come with bracket/spring/stand/bolt

The customer service at BTO is why I bought it from them


I already have this side stand on another bike, so I knew the product was excellent. But the service from BTO is why I shop here. Buying gear internationally can be tricky getting exactly what you want but I got personal responses really quickly via email to clarify issues to make sure I was 100% satisfied with the model and update version I was getting sent to me. Cheers BTO, Craig Australia

Craig the Aussie bush legend

Cairns, Australia

Trail Tech.... kickstand... Best on market!


I have the Trail Tech kickstand fitted to two MX bikes,... I have had the stand fitted on my Yamaha YZ450F for sometime already, does not get in the way on track or enduro rides. It is definitely up to the game when strength and durability is the question at hand. The second Trail Tech stand, the one ordered from BTO Sports, has been fitted to my wife's Honda CRF 150 RB Expert, same as before, custom fit... Same quality as the one on the Yamaha. Cannot find any reason not to recommend this product.

Dietrich J

South Africa


Very good kick stand on the market


Very easy to install






Fitted amazingly to my 2013 yz250f. Looks better than any stand i've ever seen and tucks up out of the way nicely.




Good Quality


got the 2009 rmz250 model ( because they don't make a stand for my 2011 rmz and the mounting points looked the same ) and whacked it straight on.... first i noticed the construction, it has great build quality ! but because my 2011 model bike has bigger foot pegs than back in 2009 the foot peg wouldnt go all the way up. so then i had to grind about 1mm - 2mm off my footpeg to get it to work. i thought everything was good and it all seemed to work and look great! but ther is one more problem if you are going to mount this on a 2011 RMZ - 250... the clearance on the swingarm!!!!! after the first ride it had started to scratch my swingarm, luckily i noticed it and i am now goin to fix it by adding a spacer between the frame and footpeg bracket. besides these things on my 2011 rmz 250 it is a great piece of kit and works great! :)




brillant add on


really like the construction of it & ease of fitting.


Nelson New Zealand


Trail Tech - Kickstand

4.8 6