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This product has been discontinued

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This product is no Longer Available

Thor - 2016 Core Air Divide Jersey

Product Code: Thor-2016-core-air-divide-jersey

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Thor - 2016 Core Air Divide Jersey

The Thor Core Air Divide Jersey is one of the lightest jerseys out there. They are comparable to almost any high-end ventilated jersey on the market, but at a better price point. This jersey was built with racing in mind. Performance and speed are the mainstays of this story, and it begins and starts with a fully vented jersey that is also at the same time made of lightweight 100% moisture wicking polyester fabric. The Core gear line that the Thor Core Air Divide is built a part of is a very sturdy chassis that weighs very little, but can withstand a lot of punishment. The advantage of being a successful popular brand is having the capital to improve on your products… including one of your successful products.

The Core gear line has been one of the mainstays in Thor’s collection of gear lines, but they have updated it in 2016 for the New Year. This jersey has withstood vigorous testing from top to bottom by the experts at Thor. Much research went into the materials chosen and how the jersey is put together with them. Every rider knows the name Thor, and every peer in the industry does as well. Thor is at the apex of the Jersey game and it’s easy to see why. Congratulations all around are in order with the fine work that Thor has done to improve their Gear lines.

BTO Sports is a major retailer that carries every single piece of new Thor gear available. We have many jersey combos on sale, and we have many that are brand new. We just have a lot of Thor! Make sure to check out our extensive Thor inventory and The Thor Core Air Divide is only one of many new Thor jerseys being sold at a competitive price at BTO Sports right now!

Championship winning riders need gear that delivers top level performance, superior fitment, and excellent breathability. Core Racewear delivers on all fronts and brings legendary durability and racing heritage to the table. Constructed of the finest materials and developed with input from our top riders, Core gear is purpose built to perform at the highest level ofcompetition. Every stitch, every panel, every nuance has been carefully refined to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. 


  • Purpose built Core race jersey with additional venting for superior airflow
  • Fully Vented back panel
  • Reinforced chest perforations
  • Athletic stretch-rib cuff panels
  • Dropped tail construction to keep
  • jersey tucked in
  • 100% moisture wicking polyester fabric
  • No-fade sublimated graphics