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Ultimate MX Hauler - Trailer Hitch Bike Carrier (No International)

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Ultimate MX Hauler - Trailer Hitch Bike Carrier

There are a multitude of options for hauling your bike to the track or trails, from trailers to hitch-mounted carriers. The Ultimate MX Hauler has key features that set it apart from other trailer hitch bike carriers. The Ultimate MX Hauler is a perfect way to get your bike to and from the track if you do not have a truck. This Trailer Hitch bike carrier is a simple way to transport your dirt bike or motorcycle as it connects directly to the trailer hitch of your vehicle. This trailer hitch hauler mounts close to the back of your vehicle to mitigate stress and strain on the receiver. Along with that, the desing of the Ultimate MX Hauler Trailer Hitch Bike Carrier was made to have the ideal position and angle to get safely in and out of driveways. Unlike most trailer hitch carriers, this one is lightweight which makes it incredibly easy to carry, store, and install and only requires one person to do so. Making this trailer hitch carrier better than the rest is its 375 mx weight capacity, optional gas can rack, and there is little to none side to side swaying of your dirt bike thanks to the secured hold down method and unique hitch stabilizer pin. Check it out for yourself and pick up on of these Ultimate MX Hauler Trailer Hitch Bike Carrier today.

Ultimate MX Hauler - Trailer Hitch Bike Carrier Features:

Superior Design

  • Carrying position is closer to your vehicle than most hitch-mounted haulers resulting in less strain on your receiver.
  • Almost no side to side swaying of your bike due to secure hold down method and unique hitch stabilizer pin.
  • Ideal position and angle of approach when going in/out of driveways and through uneven roads.
  • Exclusive, patent-pending design.
  • Powder coated finish.
  • Earn the envy of your friends by having the trickest hauler on the market.
  • 375lb max weight capacity.

Saving Your Bike for the Ride

  • Bike suspension not loaded during transport. Bike will not come off the carrier due to loading and unloading
  • of suspension like it can with some ramp type carriers.
  • Available locking hitch pin and integral cable lock helps prevent theft.

Ease of Operation

  • Easy to carry because of size and weight.
  • Easy to store when not in use.
  • Easy, one-person operation.
  • No tiedowns/straps (only the front wheel retainer strap).


  • Optional gas can rack.
  • Optional KTM/Husqvarna Wedge to keep those models more secure on the MX Bike Hauler
  • Doubles as a secure work stand.
  • On most vehicles, you can open the rear hatch/tailgate with the UMXH in the lowered position.

Great product


Works great bottle jack a little fast in lowering bike turn very slow. Easy to load one person




Great option for hauling your dirtbike


I use this to haul my rmz 450. Very little movement and easy to load.


Charleston, sc


Very good product, very recommended, used with RAV4


Easy to install, great for single rider, compact Really great choice, check out my video

Ben Nagar

San Jose California


Great Product!!


Easy to put together. Was sceptical the first time using the product on how how stable it would be on holding my crf230. It was rock solid. The only movement i had was the play in the hitch.




great for it you dont have a truck or tr


I got this hauler because i don't own a pick up truck or a trailer, and you can trust me. this gets the job done!!fits my 250f and my friends 85. i think it fits all bikes.

fast and faster

Ann Arbor MI


I would buy again, needs more features.


For the money it should be more adjustable/ customizable for specific bike sizes and vehicles. Instructions should include information on how to get the weight as close as possible to the hitch to reduice the lever arm and bounce if the bike. Once mounted and secured the bike was very stable on the rack. A little worriesom on rough roads but the bike never moved. I would add a light kit so stop/tail/turn signals can be seen from behind.

CT XR400-R

North Haven, CT




this lift would be great for your bike for bringing it to a local track it holds your bike on tight even on the highway i would recommend this lift to others"


lake forest, indiana us

Ultimate MX Hauler - Trailer Hitch Bike Carrier (No International)

4.6 7