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Works Connection - Skid Plates (Honda)

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Works Connection - Skid Plate (Honda)

The Works Connection - Skid Plate (Honda) is trusted by professional AMA Motocross and Supercross riders like Ryan Dungey, Kyle Partridge and many more! These Works Connection - Skid Plate (Honda) are the ideal aftermarket motocross accessory that will protect not only your engine, but your frame as well. These Honda Works Connection skid plates easily mount to the bottom of your dirt bike frame with four easy to install brackets to give your bike the overall protection it needs on and off the track. Whether you race through the desert, or rip up a motocross track, the Works Connection - Skid Plate (Honda) will ensure that your bike’s frame and engine will be protected against roost, rocks, and other debris that can cause detrimental damage to your engine and frame. The WC skid plate has saved my CRF 250’s engine multiple times and has left the track with a gouge from a couple rocks that would have for sure cracked my engine casing and cost me hundreds of dollars to replace. These Works Connection - Skid Plate (Honda) are lightweight yet incredibly durable to give your dirt bike the superior protection it needs while mitigating the increase of weight. Constructed from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, the WC Honda skid plate will defend your dirt bike from the wanted debris that will end your day in a heartbeat. Along with that, the Works Connection - Skid Plate (Honda) mounts perfectly to your frame with the aluminum brackets and countersunk bolts that will prevent sagging, vibrations, and movement throughout the ride. Finalizing the Works Connection - Skid Plate (Honda) is the drainage holes that are specifically designed to allow oil changes to be made without having to remove the skid plate. Purchase one of these Honda WC skid plates before you crack your engine casing or frame and save yourself the time, money, and hassle of dealing if a broken dirt bike. Thank you for choosing for all your motocross gear, parts, accessories, and apparel. We appreciate your business!


  • Features solid aluminum brackets and countersunk bolts to prevent snagging. All guide plates have oil drain access holes for easy oil changes
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Includes factory foam

Works Connection - Skid Plates (Honda)


Good protection at an affordable price


Perth - Australia


Good quality protection


Extremely well designed and made skid plate. Fitted up easily and was a perfect fit. As an added bonus it comes with skid plate foam.


Auckland, New Zealand


Picture does not match the product


I think the picture needs to be changed. I wish it were drilled out, I think it would be better for engine cooling.


New Castle, CO


Great product


I'm very happy with this skid plate. I had one problem fitting this to a CRF250 2011. The left back clamp would not fit between the frame and the engine without having to be filed down slightly to clear the engine. Otherwise, installation is easy.


South Africa


excellant value


This product looks good an gives me the protection I wanted. [...]


Saskatoon Canada


very good


very good and easy to use


france, LYON


Very good product, good price


Good protection tool, light and strong.


Rome, Italy







i will tell all the boys about this one


fits great looks good a great product very happy

stuart the ferret

perth wa




This took about 30 minutes to put on but Im slow. It has done its job with keeping rocks away from the engine. However on mx tracks mud does get stuck in there but you can get it out by sticking a screw driver in the holes.


Gilbert, AZ


Works Connection - Skid Plates (Honda)

4.5 15


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