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EKS-Brand - Goggle Accessories

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In need of a new replacement lens, or just looking for a better tinted lens to help enhance your vision on your EKS Brand goggles? Check out our great selection of EKS Brand – Goggle Accessories! We have replacement lenses, tear-offs, and GOX zip-off accessories for your EKS Goggles! These EKS Brand – Goggle Accessories have replacement lenses for your GOX and Groom goggles to keep you wearing your favorite goggles even if your lenses are scratched, dented, cracked, or damaged in anyway. These replacement lenses come in a wide variety of tints that will match your riding gear, and are ideal for increasing your vision during inconsistent weather conditions.

If you have the GOX goggles, you have 10 different styles of tints to choose from that allow you to easily interchange your new lenses to give you the best vision for any type of weather conditions you are riding in. If you are running the Groom EKS goggles, you are given 7 variations of tinted lenses to choose from to help maximizes your riding capabilities and riding experience. Along with all of that, the GOX zip-off accessories that you have to choose from are amazing.

You can get yourself the Zip-off system, replacement rolls, visor packs, deflector nose protection and much, much more! Don’t forget to purchase a couple new sets of tear-offs to get you through your weekend of racing and enhance your vision as much as possible! These EKS Brand – Goggle Accessories are perfect for surprise gifts to young riders especially during the holiday season, and if you have any questions regarding these products, give us a call at 805 777 7601 and we will be happy to assist you with your new purchase of EKS Brand – Goggle Accessories. Thank you choosing!

eks brand lenses


mirrored blue lenses cracked very easily. i replaced 2 in less than 1 year. i replaced them with a clear lens for now, and use the eks goggle as a spare. i went back to my scott recoil as my primary goggle of choice. i expected more from eks brand products.


kalihi, hawaii




Some scratches out of box.


Stillwater, Oklahoma


Awesome range of colors


Good range of colors, they last long without getting scratched. The only bad thing is don't leave them in your goggles if your going to wash them. I left mine soaking in a bucket and the washing powder removed all the mirror finish.


Chch Nz


certainly deserves to be ordered again


since lst time using tearoffs, was pleased how well they tore off and the way they protected the sun and glare from my eyes.


jackson, tennessee


Light Sensitive Lens


These lenses are pretty nice and work in all light levels. They change quickly and have a nice permisson color that offers good clarity. I went on a dusty ride and after wiping them with my glove a few times they got pretty scratched up and hazy though, not real scratch resistant

Big Crash Brian



Light Sensitive Lens - Excellent!


Fitted the new lens and rode for 3 days through overcast to sunny to tree lined, my view was constant all day long, no need to change from clear to smoked and back again, wear them and forget them, perfect. Have ordered more as spares!




super cool lens.....


this light sensitive dual lens is perfect for woods & open trail enduro or mx, in rainy or hot weather. really reduces glare, never fogged,changed color quick...used it during monsoon(rainy) season,working great under that condition...just be careful when cleaning it, not to soak the lens.


pgu. johor, mlaysia


Good tearoffs.


These tearoffs work as good as they can. They're tearoffs so its kind of hard to mess them up


Lincoln, CA


Great Product!


Got the tear off's for my new goggles and they fit perfectly. Took a few little limbs and things to the face out riding over the weekend and they protected my goggles from getting scratched, very happy with this product.

Korrupt Angel

Southern Oklahoma


Awesome product! Great googles!


Some of the best goggles I have used.


Philadelphia, MS


EKS-Brand - Goggle Accessories

4.5 13