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Atlas - 2014 Tyke Ryan Villopoto Neck Brace (Youth)

Product Code: atlas-2014-tyke-ryan-villopoto-neck-brace
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Atlas - 2014 Tyke Ryan Villopoto Neck Brace (Youth)

The new 2014 Atlas Tyke is our little pride and joy, and we couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out. Extreme sports require agility and mobility, even if your 5 years old... so we created the Atlas Tyke. This is no down sized adult brace, this is a custom built product that was specifically engineered to conform to the proportions of small children that are just starting out. The Atlas Tyke fits a small child just like an adult brace fits a full size adult, and even though the product is miniture it still perserves the innovative features of its bigger counterparts to create unmatched performance for your little tyke.

  • The Atlas Tyke brace is designed to fit a smaller rider, while performing the same as its bigger counterpart. For the first time, young kids can finally have safety equipment that will fit properly, and more importantly, function properly. The newly introduced Atlas Tyke weighs in at a miniature 490g.
  • We went to great lengths to create a perfect fit for smaller riders, and simply modifying an existing part wasn't up to our standards. Instead, we decided to start from scratch. The Atlas Tyke brace uses its own unique frame design, specifically engineered to truly fit very young riders properly, while allowing them the range of motion they need to perform extreme sports.
  • Designed with full size features, the Atlas Tyke back supports are nearly exact replicas of their bigger counterparts. Miniaturized dual pivoting back supports with dual flex-tip features are a new standard created by Atlas, and we just had to offer these to even the smallest of little athletes.
  • In addition to new back supports, our new reversible rear mount inserts offer adjustment without the need for an additional set of mounts. Simply loosen the rear axles of the brace, rotate the red inserts 180 degrees, tighten, and an adjustment has been made. Two sizes built into one mount allows our amazingly simplistic design to be extremely user friendly.
  • With a completely redesigned brace comes a redesigned way to secure it. We created a new chest strap system with more adjustment, and simplified operation... and just like with our Original brace the chest strap is included with each brace at no charge.
  • Reversible rear mount inserts offer multiple offsets for chest size, and a custom fit for smaller individuals.
  • Each Atlas Tyke Brace is packaged with a chest strap system, 1 draw string brace bag, and a multi-language user manual.

Sizing Guidelines

The Atlas Brace™ sizing is based on chest circumference (distance around the chest, measured high on the chest, just under the arms). The sizing is as follows:

  • Tyke Brace: 24” - 28” (61cm - 71 cm)

Fitting Guidelines

Optimal brace fitment is achieved by selecting the correct rear mount offset, and opting to use (or not use) the optional shoulder padding for height adjustment that suits your body and range-of-motion of your head/neck, as described in the Atlas Brace™ user manual.

While fitting a brace, there are 2 key steps to follow for length and height adjustment:

1 - While standing straight up, the brace should fit snug on your chest and back, and the shoulder padding should be resting on your body. If the shoulder padding does not rest flush on the body, there will be a gap between the shoulder padding and the body. This shows the brace is too tight on the chest and the rear mounts supplied on the brace should be reversed to change the offset, this will add length to the brace to create a better fit, allowing the shoulder padding to rest on the body as it should.

2 - Once the brace is properly fitted for your chest size, determine which height setting is right for your individual body type and neck length so that you will have proper range-of-motion before starting activity. Put on a helmet to determine which setting is right for you, and if you do not feel your range-of-motion is sufficient, remove the optional shoulder padding from your Atlas Brace™ by pulling down on the outer edge of the bottom shoulder pad. The padding will simply “pop” out of the top shoulder pad. Repeat for the opposite side. Make sure the brace still fits snug on the body, and the shoulder padding is resting on your shoulders.