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AXO - Motion Jersey, Pant Combo

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AXO - Motion Jersey

The AXO team has been making great products for over 30 years and show no signs of hitting the brakes! Originally a motocross footwear company, AXO now designs everything from race wear to protective gear to casual clothing. AXO still applies the same attention to detail that made their footwear a leader in the industry. Riders who like their motocross boots should check out their other products, like the AXO Motion Jersey. This jersey combines quality, style and performance that make it one of the best motocross jerseys in its price range. 


The Motion Jersey is made from a lightweight 100% polyester material. Polyester is lighter than cotton which affords the rider a more natural range of motion. Polyester is also more durable than cotton, which is a great quality to have in dirt bike jerseys. The fact that this jersey can withstand the use and abuse of an extreme lifestyle will extend the life of the jersey. This material is fairly elastic and will not constrict the rider as they twist and turn on the bike .The polyester is moisture wicking, meaning it pulls moisture away from the skin and onto the fabric where it can evaporate. This entire process keeps the rider cool and works best in hot environments. Polyester is also stain and odor resistant which will keep the jersey looking and smelling fresh even during tough rides. The AXO motion jersey is part of the AXO Motion line of products. These dirt bike jerseys come in five different color schemes that perfectly match the AXO Motion Pants. The fade resistant colors and graphics have been revved up for the 2017 line to give the motion jersey a fresh new look.  AXO motocross jerseys are a stylish way to show support for the AXO Brand.


There are many other features that make the AXO motion one of the best motocross jerseys on the market. The neck and collar have a unique design that prevents dirt and debris from penetrating the jersey and becoming a distraction to the rider. The chest and arms have a looser fit for those who don’t like the feel of skin tight dirt bike jerseys. This feature gives the rider plenty of breathing room to maneuver the bike comfortably and to perform at the highest level. The back of the jersey is left open, giving the riders the option to customize it with names and numbers. The waist and tail are finished, which is great for riders who prefer to wear their motocross jerseys untucked. The tail is long enough to be tucked in if the rider prefers to wear it that way. All AXO dirt bike jerseys have internal stitching on the seams. This helps to prevent tears and snags and will help extend the life of the jersey.


At BTO Sports, we carry an extensive variety of motocross jerseys, like the AXO Motion Jersey. Additionally, we carry a large variety of AXO apparel, gear and accessories. We have so many great deals on some of the best products in the motorsports industry!


  • Lightweight, polyester fabric for effective moisture-wicking performance
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Generous fitting around the chest and arm for maximum freedom of movement
  • Unique collar design will not over stretch or scoop dirt
  • Single side seams feature internal stitching
  • Authentic fully sublimated graphics fade-resistant color ways for compatibility with AXO motion pants
  • The open graphic design on back allows name and numbering
  • Back panel runs into neck collar reducing irritation
  • Finished waist so the jersey can be worn out of the pants
  • Vented versions available in the blue/black and white/black/red color way

 AXO – Motion Pants

It is difficult to improve an already great pair of dirt bike pants. Like their riders, AXO is constantly improving to become the best in the industry. They are dedicated to providing athletes with the highest quality products so they can perform at the highest level. The overhaul of the AXO Motion Pants includes many new features that make these one of the best dirt bike pants available.


With the redesign, the AXO Motion Pants are even more comfortable than ever before. They have been redesigned to allow for a more natural range of motion. There are new four way stretch panels in many critical areas that prevent the pants falling down, riding up or become a distraction for the rider. These stretch panels can be found in the hips, thighs, groin and calves. Not only are the dirt bike pants more comfortable, they are more durable too. They are made out of a high tenacity material which is now stronger, abrasion resistant, and will last longer than other motocross pants. The pants now have hip pads to provide protection against crashes and impacts. The pads are sewn into the lining of the pants so they won’t move around or become a distraction. Riders can focus on performance without having to worry about safety. The inside of the knee and inner thigh are now reinforced with heat resistant leather to protect against excess heat radiating form the bike. The knee reinforcement also provides a gripping surface which affords more control over the bike. Despite all the added features, these motocross pants are now lighter than ever.


These pants are loaded with many other features that further separate the AXO Motion Pants from other motocross pants. The knee caps are 3D molded with extra knee cap reinforcement. Having extra room in the knee affords the rider the option to wear knee protection underneath. The 3D knee cap also had ventilation to prevent the knees from overheating. The motocross pants are constructed with four way stretch panels around the knees and the calf that increase the elasticity in this region and afford the rider a more natural range of motion. The seat of these dirt bike pants is made out of 1000D coated Cordura® fabric, one of the strongest nylon fabrics in the world. The seat is constructed out of this material to ensure that it can withstand the abuse. Reinforcement of this critical area extends the overall life of the pants. Not only does it resist abrasions, but it grips well to most bike seats to help keep riders in place. The pants are held up by tightening straps on the side and a TPR flap. The combinations of these to fasteners allow the pants to stay in place and never become a distraction for the rider.


At BTO Sports, we carry all the best motocross pants like the AXO Motion Pants. Additionally, we carry a wide variety of AXO apparel, protective gear and accessories. We have so many great deals on some of the best products in the industry!


  • New re-designed pattern and slip fit rear yoke design provides increased comfort and flexibility to the waist and lower back
  • Durable high tenacity material construction gives strength and durability
  • Front and thigh panels in soft 4way stretch material and front & back mesh inserts for the best comfort while riding
  • Pre-curved, ergonomic leg construction for improved performance in the riding position
  • Knee vents and wide rib for a unrestricted knee flex
  • Innovative 3D knee construction and hidden expansion panel designed to accommodate all styles of braces and cups
  • Endless cuff bottom which is slimmer and thinner than a regular cuff which won’t allow the snug-fit of a boot to cause any discomfort
  • Padded hip areas for added safety
  • Genuine full grain leather is utilized on the inner knee panels which offer supreme comfort and grip
  • 1000 Denier Kodra reinforcement on the seat area and inner leg panels which resists abrasion, pulling and snags while gripping well with modern MX seats
  • Four ways thigh, crotch and calf stretch for maximum freedom of movement
  • Inner ventilated silky liner for better comfort and breathability
  • Durable front zipper with snap front closure and reinforced TPR flap and inner grip
  • Authentic fully sublimated graphics fade-resistant colorways for compatibility with AXO motion 4 jersey
  • Newly designed sonic welded AXO knee logo
  • Vented versions available in the blue/black and white/black/red colorways