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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

AXO - SR Jersey, Short Gear Combo (Bicycle)

Product Code: axo-sr-gear-combo-bicycle

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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AXO - SR Jersey, Short Gear Combo (Bicycle)

The AXO SR jersey, short gear combo is ready for your aggressive biking adventures. With the latest in gear technology taken from AXO's popular motocross gear line, the SR jersey, short combo is at home on the mountains of Whistler, the jump track or the trials in your backyard. This professional grade AXO SR jersey is designed with non-restrictive, moisture wicking material to not limit movement and to regulate body temperature. The AXO SR short is ready for downhill runs or the jump park. Triple stitching on all around for durability and moisture wicking material to regulate body temperature, the SR short will be your favorite riding set. 


Jersey Specifications:

  • Jersey runs small. For best fit, go up 1 size than normal.
  • Approved for professional use
  • Poly material resists stains and odors
  • Non-restrictive sleeve and neck patterns
  • Fewer seams for less irritation
  • Perfect for MTB or BMX

Short Specifications:

  • Shorts run small, for best fit go up 1 size than normal.
  • High tenacity polyester, crotch stretch inserts
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-sweat polyester lining
  • Back panel reinforcement, triple stitching on critical points
  • Perfect for MTB on BMX

Works great and a great deal


The shorts work great and were a great deal. I use them for bmx and mountain bike riding.


Holland michigan


Great combo


Use mountain biking in the mountains on trails the long sleeves are nice when it's still a little chilly but lightweight enough for when it warms up throughout the day. Also where either piece casually. But the shorts could have been just a little bit longer. But still a great combo! Especially for the price can't beat that at all. Add fast shipping to it and makes one of the best deals I've come across in a long time.




Sturdy, many crashes and no holes


I am loyal AXO user/abuser and very happy with my purchase. I did not give 5-stars because dirt shows easily on white material - I only wash my biking cloth once a month and ride 3 times a week. AXO combo is everything I ever wanted for AM/DH riding. In comparison to my MX jersey the tail is shorter. It is not a drawback and mostly about preferences. Shorts have awesome locking mechanism and fit true to size. On climbs I notice a sound that shorts make from rubbing on my knee pads. On downhill I notice....actually all I notice that I have not ripped my jersey after two descent crashes on loose gravel and rocks. Two thumbs up.


San Diego, CA


Great value!


Great get-up, true to size, best bang for the buck for MTB gear I've had in a while.



AXO - SR Jersey, Short Gear Combo (Bicycle)

4.5 4


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