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EVS - R4 Pro Race Neck Collar (Youth)

Product Code: evs-r4-neck-pro-race-collar
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 EVS - R4 Pro Race Neck Collar


EVS offers an extensive line of motocross gear that will keep you protected in the unfortunate occurrence of a crash. The EVS – R4 Pro Race Neck Collar (youth) is specifically designed with a slim and sleek contour to fit the youth rider of motocross. This dirt bike neck brace will have your child’s neck fully protected with its new technological innovations. Motocross neck braces are a unique piece of dirt bike gear that offers a great deal of protection to defend the rider against axial cervical compression. The EVS – R4 Pro Race Neck Collar (youth) is different than the other neck braces on the market and is the top-of-the-line EVS R4 Pro Race Collar (youth) because it stands out with its sleek carbon fiber and hi-tensile closed cell PU core construction. While this at first it might not sound like anything unusual, but by relying on its high impact injection grade Biofoam material to take the brunt of impacts, this dirt bike neck brace will be able to save your life. The EVS –R4 Pro race Neck Collar (youth) Biofoam is an innovative shock absorption air bladder system and the entire neck brace is noticeably smaller and less restrictive with head movement. When the hits do come, the impact is absorbed and dispersed thanks to the forgiving and flexible design. The EVS – R4 Pro Race Neck Collar is a protective, lightweight carbon fiber neck brace that has been engineered to be a leading motocross neck brace.



  • All new innovative air bladder shock absorption system
  • Adjustable rear strut
  • High impact injection grade bio-foam
  • Carbon fiber reinforced construction
  • Rear axial load absorber
  • Improved bi-lateral torso harnessing system – works well with most chest protectors
  • Minimizes risk of axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion
  • Weight: Adult = 635g