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Flo Motorsports - Pro Series 3.0 Footpegs

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Flo Motorsports - Pro Series 3.0 Footpegs

With a updated design from it's previous version, the Flo Motorsports Pro Series 3.0 Footpegs are nothing less than perfection. Flo motorsports offers motocross riders and racers a unique variation of footpegs and sprockets that the professional AMA Supercross and Motocross riders rely on to put them on the top step of the podium. They work directly with the professional athletes to provide us with some of the best equipment money can buy.


These uniquely designed dirt bike footpegs are built from 7075 T6 Aluminium that contains zinc as the primary alloying element. This makes the Flo Motorsports – Pro Series Footpegs lightweight and durable and will have you wondering why you weren’t running them sooner. The Flo Motorsports – Pro Series 3.0 footpegs are designed to keep your foot in place with its stainless steel flat teeth and extra wide platform to give you maximum traction and control. Flo Motorsports – Pro series Footpegs have a strength that may be compared to other steels and are able to maintain great fatigue strength.


Flo motorsports puts the time and effort into all of their dirt bike body parts to ensure that the average racer, as well as the professional racers, are satisfied with their decision to run the Flo Motorsports – Pro Series 3.0 Footpegs. These Flo Motorsports motocross body parts are also equipped with self-cleaning mud grooves to maximize their performance during races, or long rides through the desert. Used and trusted by a handful of professional athletes there is no reason why you shouldn’t trust the Flo motorsports – Pro series footpegs as well.


  • 3.0 Pegs feature a redesigned clear that's 1mm wider at the base
  • 57mm wide x 85mm long
  • Light weight yet extremely tough and durable
  • Made from 7075 T-6 Alloy
  • Extra Wide platform delivers solid footing for improved bike control
  • Self cleaning grooves to prevent mud packing
  • Stainless steel coned shaped cleats for premium grip and control
  • Replaceable traction cleats with a simple 4mm wrench
  • Developed with pro rider imput from AMA Supercross/Motocross, FMX, Off-Road and Enduro Series.

I would not buy this product again nor recommend it


I bought these for a 2008 yz250 and they did not fit with the stock screws on the footpeg mount. I had to buy aftermarket screws and shave them down so the foot pegs would fit level. They look great but traction is not ideal as I personally think the stock foot pegs were sharper then the flo foot pegs. overall i was disappointed with them.


ontario, canada


Great Pegs


These pegs are really strong! We use these on our SX team for the past 2 years and we couldn't be happier..


Riverside Ca


I really like amd would recommend this footpeg


I use this product for motocross and even with my worn out boots I still got a great feeling anf felt very well planted on the bike


Taylor PA


Excellent Pegs all around!!!


Purchased these pegs in black for my 2007 Honda CRF250R and could not be more satisfied. Everything I was looking for and more!!!


Portsmouth VA


Very stable to ride


Bigger pegs, difficult to slip off


Ras Al Khaimah

Awesome product ...wide and look great


Great product

A Rawlins

Dallas TX


Awesome looking pegs but weak, broke after 3 rides...


I was out at LACR and these pegs snapped, literally broke in half, both of them... Aluminum pegs are not good and not safe... 6ft, 200 lb rider here






very happy with these foot peg


prince george bc canada


The best Peggy


The product is great, better design and lightweight. It gives my bike a new look..its also easy to install and can rely on its durability.




best bang for the buck


I sharpened my stock pegs and they had more grip than ever, the downside, I ripped everything that touched them! I bought the flo foot pegs on a whim and I liked the non razor sharp platform, their actually replaceable bolts that work great for grip without wrecking the soles of my boots or destroying anything else that touches them. They are lighter than stock, and look great also, they installed easily and were the best priced foot peg for the quality I could find.


erie, pa


Flo Motorsports - Pro Series 2.0 Footpegs

4.2 15


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