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Fly Racing - Era Tee Zoom

Fly Racing - Era Tee

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Fly Racing - 2018 Era Tee

A new era means a new design and style with the Fly Racing - Era Tee, a large ‘Fly Racing Professional Race Equipment’ lettering design with an outlined Fly Racing helmet in the background. This Fly Racing - Era Tee is perfect for everyday casual use and it shows how much you love motocross and Fly Racing. Fly Racing - Era Tee has a blend of 50/50 combed cotton and fits nicely with a loose comfortable feeling. We highly recommend this tee a Fly Racing – Revel Hat (sold separately) for a more complete look and to protect your face from the blinding sun. has all your motocross needs with all the top brands available, so come check us out here now!

Fly Racing started in garages with the passion to build the top premium quality gears since 1998. Fly Racing has now made a well know name for themselves quickly to have the best products in the motocross and off road riding world at very affordable prices, leaving you amazingly inspired. Fly Racing has gone a long way with many different gears and apparels for BMX, ATV, ADV, Street, Enduro, Snowmobile adventures, and many more. Fly Racing has created many products for their off road enthusiasts like, helmets, jerseys, pants, jackets, gloves, boots, and even everyday casual wears. Choose Fly Racing, they won’t let you down! Fly Racing has intricately designed gears with superior performance quality, the greatest innovation always!



  • 50/50 Combed Cotton Blend
  • Premium Fit


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