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Fly Racing - Kinetic Outlaw Pant

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Fly Racing - 2018 Kinetic Outlaw Pant

     Fly Racing – 2018 Kinetic Outlaw Pant with a smashing abstract design with graphics to go with the jersey, Fly Racing – Kinetic Outlaw Gear Combo (sold separately). Primarily, the intricately designed construction on this pant is overwhelmingly good. Fly Racing uses ultra durable multi panel 900D construction for long lasting durability and leather heat shield panels with high steel like strength DuPont™ Kevlar® stitching for leather heat shield panels being soft flex rubber badging. Additionally, 7 breathable stretch panels provide a better flexible movement and multi directional stretch rib panels to accommodate with flexibility. While being lightweight with comfortable mesh liner, it helps keep you cool with dispersed air coming from the speed of riding.


      Also, Fly Racing did put an internal pocket located right in the inner area of the waistband. Another great feature is the ergonomically pre shaped knee generously contoured to accommodate most types of knee braces and guards, while full floating seat surrounded by stretch rib material moves naturally with your body. Finally, exclusive zipper lock system keeps your pant secure and closed. Ratcheting Fly closure allows for adjustability and adjustable waist belt provide more comfortable customized fit. We find this pant great with the Fly Racing – F2 Carbon Forge MIPS Helmet (sold separately) or check other high performance helmets from Fly Racing right here at our site,, where you can get all your motocross needs!


     Fly Racing started in garages with the passion to build the top premium quality gears since 1998. Fly Racing has now made a well know name for themselves quickly to have the best products in the motocross and off road riding world at very affordable prices, leaving you amazingly inspired. Fly Racing has gone a long way with many different gears and apparels for BMX, ATV, ADV, Street, Enduro, Snowmobile adventures, and many more. Fly Racing has created many products for their off road enthusiasts like, helmets, jerseys, pants, jackets, gloves, boots, and even everyday casual wears. Choose Fly Racing, they won’t let you down! Fly Racing has intricately designed gears with superior performance quality, the greatest innovation always!




  • Minimal Weight
  • Comfort mesh liner helps keep you comfortable and cool
  • Multi-directional stretch-rib panels for flexibility
  • Internal pocket located inside the waistband


  • Ultra-durable multi-panel 900D construction is durable and breathable
  • Leather heat shield panels with DuPont™ Kevlar® stitching
  • Soft-Flex rubber badging
  • Sublimated long lasting graphics
  • 7 breathable stretch panels


  • Ergonomically pre-shaped knee generously contoured to accommodate most types of knee braces and guards
  • Full-Floating seat surrounded by stretch-rib material moves naturally with your body
  • Exclusive zipper lock system keeps pants closed and secure
  • Ratcheting Fly closure allows for adjustability
  • Adjustable waist belt for custom fit


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