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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Gaerne - SG-11 Boots

Product Code: gaerne-sg11-motocross-boots

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Gaerne - SG11 Boots

Brand New Gaerne SG11 Motocross Boots. A completely new off-road motocross boot with a super comfortable, innovative and ergonomic designs makes the Gaerne SG11 a must buy.

  • Uppers made of microfiber and polyurethane. A combination that brings lightness to the boot and protection at critical points.
  • Improved pivot system that prevent ankle twisting without compromising flexibility.
  • System replaceable light fastening and a velcro top closure fine adjustment.
  • Rubber protection on the inner side of the shoe for exceptional grip and heat protection.
  • Double rubber sole and inner lining polyurethane foam.
  • Made in Italy
  • Wrap around ankle pivot for more support and great fit.
  • Grip guard to really stick to the bike.
  • Gaerne famous dual composite sole for long lasting wear and removable/replaceable alloy bucckles ensure a secure closure system.

Awesome boots, great quality and fit


I've owned several pairs of SG-12 and was curious about this boot which theoretically would be a step below the SG-12. I was very pleased with the boots, same quality of materials as SG-12, great ankle protection and good mobility. There is a break in period for sure, something that is almost non-existent with the SG-12, but other than that it feels like the same boot.






I haven't ever owned a pair of Gaerne's before but I know a lot of people who have owned the SG 10's and 12's and love them both, especially the 12's. These boots are kind of a mix between the two. This is probably the first really good pair of boots I've owned as an MX rider/racer and I can't believe how AWESOME this boot feels. There's pretty much NO break in time at all, just put em on and go. They feel a little bit wide on my feet but are the right size. My only Con on this boot is how hot my feet got the other day but it was also really hot outside and I had to push a bike up a hill. Overall I definitely recommend this boot to any rider looking for a GOOD pair of riding boots. They are super comfortable, fit great and don't make you feel like you're wearing a new stiff boot that doesn't let you even feel the foot pegs for the first few rides. You won't be disappointed if you get the new SG-11! I didn't have any one give me an opinion on them because I bought them the day or 2 after they came out on here but I'm so glad I bought them, I couldn't be happier with this purchase.


Canyon Lake, CA


Gaerne - SG-11 Boots

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