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This product has been discontinued

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This product is no Longer Available

Leatt - 2015 Dual Axis Knee Guards

Product Code: leatt-dual-axis-knee-guard

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Leatt - Dual Axis Knee Guard (Pair)

Dual Axis knee and leg guards are comfortable, well ventilated protectors with two pivot points that allows them for more accurately bend with the human knee’s natural movements. They cover the knee, even when fully bent, as well as the lower thigh and most of the lower legs. Great levels of impact protection are proven by the CE impact safety standard they are certified to. They are also certified to CE’s abrasion resistance safety standard. Strap buckles are low profile with no edges to hang up on your riding pants. Straps are also backed by soft, comfortable, vented airprene material that resists slipping. Lighter weight, most comfortable and offers more freedom of movement than almost any other CE certified protection system.

  • 3 dimensionally designed for optimal fit
  • Impact tested  and CE certified to EN 1621-1
  • Abrasion tested and CE certified to EN 13595-2, Level 2
  • Anatomically correct dual pivot points
  • Light at only 1.9 pounds (850grams) per pair
  • Slim design for use over or under riding pants, fits well with boots
  • 9 large vents help keep you cool
  • Made from High Density Poly Ethylene, HDPE, and washable Leatt foam
  • Strap system resists binding
  •  photo Knee-guard-sizing-chart_zpsbbf2183d.jpg

    Perfect Knee Guards


    Have used these all day on the track and couldn't ask for a better product. The fit is spot on. The freedom of movement is where it really shines, I can't even tell that they are on. The protections is great as well. It covers the knee and does exactly what it's supposed to do.






    Just got them but so far very comfortable and feel like they have great protection

    Billy B

    Brooklyn, N Y


    Very com


    My only gripe, as a taller rider, is that I wish knee guards would go a little further up my thigh past my knee.

    Just a dude

    Jax, FL


    Fits well /comfortable


    Only got these knee guards after I broke my knee and they fit well over my broken knee which has plates in it and I can not even tell I'm wearing these guards and very comfy


    Australia, nsw


    Works great


    Fits well and for the cost provides great protection. I do not even notice them while riding.




    So far so good!


    Fit well in my pants and boots, I am a female racer about 5ft 5inch with smaller legs. The sm md fits great, I may need to add extra velcro on one adjustment as my calves are a tad small. My mom who is about the same height but with larger calves can't fit in this size. My calves measure about 11 1/2inch around. i have only been able to ride once with them so far but felt so much confidence riding with these compared to my cheap basic fox kids knee pads.

    T Rip

    Seattle Wa

    Leatt - Dual Axis Knee Guard


    The lowest strap is not long enough.


    Upland CA


    Best yet.


    Wore them around the house for 2hrs and I nearly forgot I had them on. Very comfortable and no pinch or pressure points at all. Sizing was spot on. Not crash tested yet so only rating a 4. Worth the $$$, no regrets.


    New Brunswick Canada


    Can't go wrong with leatt


    Good value for money very comfortable even on first ride, don't notice them on. Very slim fits on pants well.




    Leatt - 2015 Dual Axis Knee Guards

    4.4 9


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