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Leatt - Enduro Knee Guards

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Leatt - Enduro Knee Guards

This lightweight knee guard carries some heavyweight protection. Hard shell outer over Leatt’s 3DF foam creates a product that is impact tested and CE certified to CE EN 1621-1, Level 1. And it is also abrasion tested and CE certified to CE EN 13595-2, level 2. All the edges of the hard shell plates and cups are co-molded with soft rubber for extra comfort. Result, protection you’ll forget you’re wearing.
  • Hardshell impact and sliding surface
  • Specific right and left sides
  • 3DF impact absorption
  • 3D designed for optimal fit
  • Vented plates for maximum airflow
  • MoistureCool wicking fabric helps keep you cool
  • Inside silicone laminations help keep protector in place
  • Weight 500 G per pair
  • Sizes Adult S/M and L/XL

Ask before you buy Leatt Enduro Knee Guards


At first these Leatt Enduro Knee guards seem like the perfect solution. I own other Leatt gear I like, but not these Enduro knee pads, there is a design flaw and the designer clearly does not ride motorcycles or enduro or they would know. There are other comments about this on forums and other merchant websites, wish I would have seen this before I bought these. When i first tried them on I instantly noticed the lower plastic digging into my shin. I thought perhaps they would "break in" and flex more. Upon standing on the pegs on trails you instantly notice the aggravating angle of the knee guard is not straightening out even when tucked into high enduro or MX boots. It does not matter, they maintain a shape and do not seem to give in this area nor do they straighten out like other / longer knee guards do from Fox or Moose or MSR. When I called Leatt the first time asking what to do, they indicated (would officially not recommend) but said to "try getting a heat gun and melt and bend the plastic" at the bottom of the guard. Oh, why would they recommend this? Before posting this, I found others who bought from other merchants complaining the same thing about the guards "digging into your shins", and this is not a unique situation. TRY THESE ON WITH BOOTS ON,STANDING UP ON PEGS at YOUR LOCAL DEALER and SEE HOW THEN DIG INTO YOUR SHINS. ASK LEATT ABOUT THIS, SEE IF THEY SHARE MORE INFO - IF NOT, CALL THEM OUT ON IT, THEY HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED. My final solution to this issue is to throw them in the garbage can because Leatt won't warranty them for BTO who tried to work with Leatt on this. Unfortunately, Leatt took the low road and offered no alternative replacement in exchange after I explained trying to see if they would break in after 2 rides. You buy 'em and use them,you are stuck with them. I'm going to sell off my other Leatt gear and go back to Fox, fits fine, you don't even notice Fox gear on. Leatt will learn after they discontinue this product, redesign it, and come out with the new Enduro version that does not dig into your shins. Good luck Leatt. This is not good customer service. I do not recommend this product to anyone.

Enduro Rider

Northern CA


Leatt - Enduro Knee Guards

3.0 1


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