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This product has been discontinued

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This product is no Longer Available

Leatt - 2015 GPX 6.5 V01 Carbon Helmet

Product Code: leatt-gpx-6-5-v-01-carbon-helmet

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Leatt - GPX 6.5 V.01 Carbon Helmet

Leatt is known for their neck braces but they also happen to make helmets as well and a premium helmet at that. Visually the Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon V.01 stands out with its angular and futuristic shape but it’s on the inside where the biggest difference can be felt. Called V-Foam, the inner material is claimed to improve energy absorption while also allowing for a smaller shell size which reduces weight. Venting is another area of innovation and Leatt hasn’t held back with massive vents front and back. Naturally the Leatt GPX 6.5 V.01 is optimized to work with Leatt neck braces making this helmet a very safe and unique choice.


  • Quattro Force Control
  • Carbon matrix 3 sizes shell ECE+DOT
  • 3D in-molded multi density V-Foam Plus
  • 360° TURBINE multiple low energy impact
  • 360° TURBINE rotational acceleration 
  • Optimized integration with Leatt Neck Braces
  • 360 degree helmet and neck brace match 
  • Rear clearance cut for riding 
  • Rear hyperextension impact platform
  • Maximum Ventilation 
  • Over 190 honeycomb vent holes 
  • 11 large vent ports
  • Optimized weight. Very light and great safety
  • Reduced outer shell volume for reduction in neck forces and rotational brain acceleration
  • Zero friction removable safety cheek pads
  • Visor with break away function
  • Anti-microbial high evaporating snap out dual liner system with ergo fit foam layer and MoistureCool Tech layer
  • LEATT Race Ready Design – prepared for ejection helmet removal system
  • Certified and tested ECE2205/DOT
  • Estimated weight Size LG 1,190g +/- 50g 
Leatt Helmet Sizing Chart

Looked good


Looked like it would have been a good helmet, however a small was bought and was to tight. According to the head measurement this size should have fit. Pretty disappointed Christmas gift. Will have to start over.




Great helmet


Helmet is great, the safety features are above and beyond any other helmet manufacturer. The paint job and design are also one of a kind. I highly recommend this helmet for the young racer.


Hamilton, NY


Nearly perfect


After realizing that using goggles in my Arai XD-4 was not the best way to go when riding on dirt, I decided to make the switch to a MX helmet. Tried a Fly F2 Carbon, but it was too narrow for my head shape. Having read some reviews that Leatt might be better for a rounder head, I gave it a shot. First impressions are that this is one seriously light helmet. Compared to my XD-4, it's a full pound lighter at 3 lbs vs 4 lbs. While it is not the plushest helmet I've ever worn, it feels plenty secure and no issues with feeling the turbines on my head. I also really like the fact that it has built in routing for hydration and you can get a cold weather kit to block the vents when needed. I've only taken it for one short ride on the street, but no issues with the visor catching too much wind and my 509 Dirt Pro goggles fit great. Looking forward to really getting it out on the trails next spring.




Excellent helmet


I ride off-road tight single track. The number one plus of this Leatt helmet is the venting. When I tried it on, at my house, I could feel the breeze from the ceiling fan. Riding I could feel air flowing. The innovative safety features are what attracted me to it. I hope to never find out how awesome the helmet is for this. I like that the visor mounts are made to break away (for safety). I really like being able to route my hands free hydro hose through the chin bar. The helmet is light, but, surprisingly, not as light as my JT ALS 2.0. I'm a little bummed about that.


Lawrenceville, GA


Leatt - 2015 GPX 6.5 V.01 Carbon Helmet

4.0 4


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