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Lezyne - Super GPS Bicycle Computer

Product Code: lezyne-super-gps-bicycle-computer
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Lezyne - Super GPS Bicycle Computer

The Super GPS is truly a super computer. It simultaneously utilizes ANT+™ and Bluetooth® Smart, allowing for synchronization with iOS/Android devices, power meters, heart rate straps and speed/cadence sensors. Notification of incoming phone calls, texts and emails (with actual message text) are displayed on the computer’s large, sharp monitor, along with power, heart rate and all other important ride details. Advanced GPS information provides reliable and accurate ride data and is easily navigated with four buttons. The micro USB rechargeable unit is secured in a chic aluminum bezel and can record up to 400 hours of ride info. Rides are saved as .fit files (compatible with Strava™ and TrainingPeaks®) and easily transferable via flash drive technology or through the Lezyne Ally phone app.


  • Large, easy to read display with backlight
  • Elegant, machined aluminum bezel
  • Advanced, low power chip combines GPS and Glonass which reads USA and Russian satellites for ultra reliable data collection
  • Simultaneous ANT+™ and Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) connectivity
  • Intuitive four button operation
  • Lithium polymer battery provides up to 22 hours of runtime
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • Optimized GPS recording stores up to 400 hours of data
  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Custom alerts
  • Includes X-Lock Standard Mount
  • WEIGHT: 76g
  • RUNTIME: 22 hours
  • MEMORY: 400 hours max
  • Computer 46.5mm (W) x 73.2mm (L) x 27mm (H)
  • Screen: 30.4mm (W) x 37.8mm (L)

What's in the Box:

Super GPS Computer (Standard) ($149.99)

  • GPS Computer
  • X-Lock Standard Mount
  • Micro USB charging cable

Super GPS Cycling Computer with HR Loaded ($189.99)

  • GPS Computer
  • Heart Rate Flow Sensor
  • X-Lock Standard Mount
  • Micro USB charging cable

Super GPS Cycling Computer with HRSC Loaded ($229.99)

  • GPS Computer
  • Heart Rate Flow Sensor
  • Cadence Speed Flow Sensor
  • X-Lock Standard Mount
  • Forward Mount
  • Micro USB charging cable


  • Receive text, email and phone call notifications when paired with Bluetooth® Smart enabled iOS or Android devices
  • Upload directly to GPS Root website for ride organizing and analysis
  • Instant download of ride files (.fit) via plug-and-play flash drive technology (Windows/Mac)
  • Compatible with third-party sites like Strava™ and TrainingPeaks®
  • Reads Bluetooth® Smart or ANT+™ equipped heart rate, cadence/speed and power sensors
  • Sync rides via Bluetooth®Smart to the Lezyne Ally phone app


  • Heart Rate*: Current, Average, Max.
  • Cadence*: Current, Average
  • Power* (6 data display options)
  • Speed: Current, Average, Max
  • Distance: Current, Trip Total, Trip 2, Odometer
  • Time: Ride Time, Clock
  • Laps
  • Elevation: Ascent, Descent, Current
  • Calories
  • GPS signal strength
  • Battery life indicator
  • Connected devices icons
  • Semi-customizable display: 2, 3 or 4 fields