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Michelin - Pilot Road 4 GT Front/Rear Tire Combo

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Michelin - Pilot Road 4 GT Front/Rear Tire Combo

Michelin strives to provide the best tires on the market for cars and motorcycles alike. These Michelin - Pilot Road 4 GT Front/Rear Tire Combo are specifically designed to provide maximum performance in all types of riding conditions, but will perform the best in wet conditions. These motorcycle tires are superior wet weather racing tires that are designed to increasing stopping power up to 4x the regular amount and give riders the confidence they need to ride safely in the rain. They have the longest lasting tread life in its class that is race tested and race proven to last up to 20% longer than other tires. Weather conditions should not tell you when to ride your motorcycle, and with the Michelin - Pilot Road 4 GT Front/Rear Tire Combo they will have no say in whether or not it’s a good day to ride. These Michelin - Pilot Road 4 GT Front/Rear Tire Combo have dependable and reliable grip even in the worst conditions and integrate the Michelin 2 CT racing technology with the all new silica charged rubber compound that increases grip, traction, and handling. These are top of the line high performance tires that have the ability to impress even the best riders and after putting these set of street tires on your bike, you will never want to stop riding. Equipped with new XST siping and enhanced tread patters, these Michelin - Pilot Road 4 GT Front/Rear Tire Combo offer excellent gripping power and are guaranteed to increase your confidence on the bike. Designed specifically for the heavier GT class of sport bikes, the Michelin - Pilot Road 4 GT Front/Rear Tire Combo is a great choice for rides who want to get the most out of their riding experience.

For heavier GT-class bikes, the Pilot Road 4 from Michelin is the next generation of sport bike tires. Designed to deliver maximum safety in most conditions, the Pilot Road 4 excels in wet roads where braking performance is essential.Covering all riders in all conditions, the enhanced safety built in to the Pilot Road 4 tires ensure you have the safest, longest lasting tire on the road today.  The GT model is built with a stiffer casing with patented new technology for motorcycle tires that deliver the stability that heavier GT-class bikes need while riding solo, two-up or with luggage.



  • Superior wet weather performance - Stops 4x shorter in the wet than the competition
  • Longest tread life in it's class - up to 20% longer
  • Dependable  Grip in challenging coditions - Michelin's 2CT technology with all new sillica charged rubber compounds for excellent grip
  • New XST+ siping and enhanced tread patterns for optimum grip
  • Pilot Road 4 GT is designed for heavier GT-class bikes

My favorite motorcycle tires


These new Pilot Road 4 GT tires were bought to replace the same ones on my Yamaha FJR 1300. The tires ride VERY smooth and handle VERY nice on both dry and wet roads. Tread life is average, depending on how fast and hard you ride. I love riding a lot of curves in the mountains, both as a single rider as well as two up with my wife. In the 2017 ride season, we have ridden the twisties of the Tail of the Dragon and surrounding Smokey Mountains, as well as Grandfather Mountain area near Boone, NC and they handled great. I am heading out on a USA cross country trip to California and back to Virginia for 2018, and these tires are what I am using. So I have complete confidence in the product.

FJR Rider

Virginia Beach, VA


Best sport bike tires for the street.


You will get a lot of miles out of these tires. The traction in turns is incredible. I will always use PR4 as long as they are available.




Michelin Pilot Road 4GT Tires


I have a '12 Concours1400, and these tires are PERFECT! They are nicely adapted to both 2Up riding and solo riding on the twistys. I'm pretty sure I won't be switching to anything else anytime soon.


Everett, WA


Great tire. Huge improvement over the PR2.


Love these tires!




Best Tires Ever!


So far these tires have proved that they are no joke! The quality is impressive! As far as durability they seem like they are in it for a long run, but hey they're still brand new, so we'll have to see with a little more ride!


Santa Fe, NM


Worked as planned thanks will buy something again


Worked as planned


St George ut


Seem to be working great. Good traction and cornering.


Everything great


Springfield , MO


Michelin - Pilot Road 4 GT Front/Rear Tire Combo

5.0 7


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