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Mobius - X8 Knee Brace (Pair)

Product Code: mobius-x8-knee-brace
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 Mobius - X8 Knee Brace (Pair)

The X8 knee brace from Mobius is the most protective, comfortable knee brace on the market utilizing innovative patent pending technology, which incorporates the CCRS (Continuous Cable Routing System) to form an unparalleled system of support and protection. The forged, CNC machined dial makes fit adjustments on the fly and through pants easy. Fully lined with plush EVA foam, a comfortable, impact absorbing surrounding is created. Includes one pair of braces and two extra sets of patellar kneepads for a precise fit. The technology is so advanced, that SX/MX champion Ryan Villopoto trusts the Mobius X8 knee brace when he takes to the track!

How to Size:


  • Adjustable fit via a Continuous Cable Routing System (CCRS) adjusts with a single turn of the locking anodized aluminum dial
  • Plush molded EVA foam and impact absorbing rubber internal padding
  • Figure-8 cable and behind the knee adjustability greatly strengthens the joint yet works as freely as your body's own ligament
  • Overlapping patella area with zero degree CNC forged 6061-T6 anodized aluminum stop leaves no gap exposed regardless of how far the knee is bent.
  • Velcro straps with TPR pull tabs numbered in order to provide proper fitment and easy entry
  • Pad kit available (sold separately) for a more precise fit
  • Sold as Pair (Left and Right)

Saved my MCL


Have the grey/red ones. Great braces. Sadly, I got to test them in an incident a couple months back. Front wheel deflected on a rock up a hill at moderate speed, bike went left, reflexively tried to save it by putting my left foot down, only my foot was almost at 90deg to the bike. Without the brace, I would have hyperextended my left knee to the left thus ripping the MCL (the inside ligament of the knee). Instead, the brace prevented any sort of hyperextension, resulting in a vertical hit up the leg, compressing the knee and likely (I say likely cause I never bothered getting an MRI) causing a small tear in the meniscus. Knee swelled up and orthopedic pull blood/fluid out of it. According to the doctor, it's a better outcome of the incident. I stopped riding for two months and took it easy with stairs etc, and the knee is 95% back to normal now. Highly recommend these braces!


Tokyo, Japan




I liked the idea of this design but was thrown off by the construction. The adhesive used to attach the velcro to the pads is junk. By simply trying on the braces and walking around my living room the adhesive material started to detach from the pads. Because of this the braces no longer fit as accurately as they should. At the rate they were deteriorating I assume one ride and these pads would be shot and not longer able to attach to the nylon chassis. The other concern I had was the hyper extension limiters were made of different materials. The ones that come on the brace (red) are a cast aluminum and the other adjustment blocks (black) are made out of an injection molded plastic. I assume that the different materials would react differently in a violent impact. Gives me very little confidence that these were thoroughly tested prior to production. Having inconsistent materials for parts that perform the same function seems like a compromise. The overall quality of this product seems marginal for an expensive piece of safety gear.

Buzzkill with an engineering degree



Best knee braces around


Möbius defiantly did their homework on this one guy !!! I've owned many pair of braces and I can honestly say I fell in love after the first ride . Very durable and effective .


Odessa Texas


Best knee braces out there


These are the first knee braces that I have that don't move at all, they feel like a perfect fit. I have thin legs and had always struggled with my knee braces.




Best knee brave I've owned!!


Since I started wearing knee braces in 2004, these have been my favorite so far. I'm not knocking the other brands I've owned (Asterisk Cell, and EVS Axis Pro). I just like these the best in comfort function and fit.


San Diego


Not for me


These knee braces are light and function perfectly however they seem to be fairly bulky and made it hard to fit my pants and boots.


St. George Utah


Mobius - X8 Knee Brace (Pair)

4.2 6