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MSR - Complete Chain Guide (Yamaha)

Product Code: msr-complete-chain-guide-yamaha
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MSR - Complete Chain Guide (Yamaha)

These MSR complete Chain Guides are made strictly for Yamaha dirt bikes. If you are looking for a complete chain guide for a different dirt bike please go back to this MSR Complete Chain Guide page and find the one with your dirt bike in the parenthesis.

MSR chain guides are made with top of the line materials that allow them to be lightweight, reliable, and durable. They will protect your chain from roost and debris with their impact absorption properties and allow your chain to align smoothly with your sprocket. Don't let a loose chain ruin your rear wheel and your ride. Pick one of these dirt bike chain guides today. They come with everything you need to install it quickly and easily.

Due to picture issues, the red chain guide appears to be orange, but you will receive a red one if you select that color. We apologize for any confusion. Thank you!


MSR - Complete Chain Guide (Yamaha) Features:

  • - Complete guide and inner block replaces OEM assembly at a fraction of the cost
  • - Plastic composition made to absorb impact and not bend like aluminum OEM chain guides
  • - Inner block design and compound is much more durable than OEM, but maintains sound dampening characteristics
  • - Both the guide and inner blocks are 100% OEM compatible
  • - Hardware INCLUDED!
  • - Available in multiple colors- Made in the U.S.A.

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