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MSR - Funnelweb Air Filter (Kawasaki)

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 MSR - Funnelweb Air Filter

The Pyramid Foam - MSR FunnelWeb's profile cut foam effectively doubles the filters external surface area, without increasing the filters original size, enabling it to trap and hold far more dust on the outer surface. This means more protection to the engine while maintaining optimal air flow and extending filter service intervals. Numerous combinations of foam profiles and porosities have been tested in harsh, dusty race conditions and test tracks to come up with the ideal combination. With the assistance of Australian KTM motocross and enduro race teams, more than 1,500 filters were manufactured, tested and either serviced and reused, or cut open for inspection before any were made available for sale. Besides being better for performance the MSR FunnelWeb filter only needs to be cleaned half as often. Another place unwanted dust and dirt can sneak into your engine is the seal in the airbox. The MSR FunnelWeb filter has an injection molded urethane seal that fits more precise, has a channel that allows a bead of grease to seal even better, and won’t breakdown or warp.

MSR Funnel/Web Air Filter features:

  • Unique outer design increases surface area by 100%
  • Single layer, single density foam prevents dust from being trapped between layers
  • Injection molded urethane seal provides a tighter, more precise fit
  • Made in Australia