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MSR - NXT Air Jersey, Pant Gear Combo

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MSR - 2017 NXT Air Jersey, Pant Gear Combo

MSR - 2017 NXT Air Jersey

The MSR NXT Air Jersey is a dirt bike rider’s dream. MSR, or Malcolm Smith Racing, has always been a brand that respects the history of motocross. An important aspect of respecting the sport is creating quality equipment and gear for the sport and its participants. The MSR NXT Air Jersey is a high-end dirt bike jersey that is excellent in every way that a motocross jersey can be. Dirt bike riders and racers are reliant on their motocross gear to deliver the goods whenever they’re on the track. That entails having a combination of performance, quality, comfort, and durability that would lead you to success on the track. Malcolm Smith believed in performing at a high level, and so should you. MSR Gear pays homage to Malcolm Smith’s beliefs and his respect for motocross successfully, and everyone knows it. MSR Gear will be seen on the backs of many pro and amateur dirt bike riders this supercross season. From Atlanta, to Las Vegas, MSR will be there.


The MSR NXT Air Jersey is one of the lightest motocross jerseys around. This dirt bike jersey is made of a lightweight 100% spun poly-fabric that features an extended tail so that you can stay tucked in whenever you need to be. Not only is this motocross jersey light, but it also features dual arm-pit venting panels that will keep you cooler on even your longest rides or races. A Large vented back panel is also designed for cooling, that literally makes you the coolest on the track for any race. MSR Gear has always been classy and refined, with subtle graphics. The MSR NXT Air Jersey features incredibly vibrant colors and all-over fade-resistant graphics. These dirt bike graphics and more, will be on full display at this season’s supercross.


In addition to style and performance, the MSR NXT Air Jersey also exhibits all the trappings of a comfortable dirt bike jersey. It features a comfortable technical design with lycra and micro-rib collar details. You’ll feel as good as you’re performing with this motocross jersey. Simplified raglan sleeves with micro-rib cuff inserts increase the comfort level as well, keeping you comfy whenever you’re on or off the track. No matter what the weather, the MSR NXT Air Jersey will be able to keep you feeling good at all times. Perfect for off-track use, or on-track dominance, MSR Gear is great for any occasion.

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“Our performance-leading series has just gotten even better. Torture tested by the fastest racers in the offroad hemisphere, the new NXT line fits better, performs better, and lasts longer. Reap the benefits that years of development have accomplished.”



  • Comfortable technical design with lycra and micro-rib collar details
  • All-over fade-resistant graphics
  • Simplified raglan sleeves with micro-rib cuff inserts for increased comfort
  • Lightweight 100% spun poly-fabric featuring an extended tail for stay-tucked stability
  • Dual arm-pit venting panels
  • Large vented back panel for cooling


MSR - 2017 NXT Air Pant

The MSR NXT Air Pant is an incredibly sturdy pant that delivers on MSR’s promise of performance and quality. Malcolm Smith’s effect on the dirt bike world is unparalleled. MSR, or Malcolm Smith Racing, his namesake and brand, seeks to further his legacy. MSR Gear is some of the finest motocross gear on the market, and the MSR NXT Air Gear line is MSR’s high-end gear. Every Dirt bike rider knows that motocross pants are the most important part of a gear combo, and MSR does not fail to deliver a quality product. Supercross season is well underway, and it is obvious that most dirt bike riders, professional and amateur, prefer MSR Gear. From Daytona to Las Vegas, MSR Gear will be seen just as much on the track, as in the stadium.


There is no question that Malcolm Smith Racing does not skimp on the quality of materials used on the MSR NXT Air Gear line. A 600-denier oxford main construction keeps this gear lasting long as it performs at the highest level. Not only is the main construction on the MSR NXT Air Pant highly reliable, these motocross pants also have embossed leather inner knee panels that are both burn-resistant and strengthened against heat, keeping you nice and safe from the power your dirt bike gives you. The MSR NXT Air Pant also offers you a custom and secure ratchet-style belt closure, keeping you in your pants at any given time on the dirt track.


The MSR NXT Air Pant is definitely no slouch in the performance department. These motocross pants are incredibly light, and features lightweight protective TPRS throughout the construction. You will not be bogged down by these dirt bike pants. Keep your expectations high, because the MSR NXT Air Pant will definitely keep your track times low. The air in the name is meant to advertise the highly vented thigh panels that will keep you cool as you ride. You definitely will avoid overheating at the track, allowing you to ride for longer, lap after lap.


MSR has come a long way, and with quality garments like these motocross pants, it’s easy to see why. MSR Gear has always been popular in the dirt bike community. Whether you ride a KTM 450 or a Suzuki RMZ 250, you will be able to find the right color gear for you with MSR. Malcolm Smith Racing has always been a proponent of the art in motocross, so you’ll be sure to find the right colors and designs to match your favorite dirt bike. The MSR NXT Air Pant comes in a variety of colors, just like all their other pieces of Dirt bike gear.


Grab the MSR NXT Air Pant at BTO Sports today, along with all kinds of other MSR Gear that we carry. We have the best deals on a wide range of MSR Gear. You can always expect the best service when you shop for the latest MSR Gear. You cannot beat our selection of, or deals on motocross gear.


  • Durable 600-denier oxford main sontruction
  • Custom and secure ratchet-style belt closure
  • Comfortable ¾-length mesh mesh liner
  • Vented thigh panels
  • Burn-resistant embossed leather inner knee panels
  • Dual adjustable hook-and-loop waist straps
  • Lightweight protective TPRS throughout