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MSR - NXT Air Glove

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MSR - NXT Air Glove

 The MSR NXT Air Glove helps you control your dirt bike and feel every whoop and corner to your satisfaction. Malcolm Smith Racing, or MSR, has always been at the forefront of motocross glove technology. Ever since 1971, MSR has shaped the dirt bike world. They are pioneers in the motocross world, and will continue to be pioneers for a long time. MSR always has their finger on the pulse of dirt bike racing, and it shows in the kind of motocross gear that they create. The MSR NXT Air Glove is just one example of the outstanding dirt bike gear that comes out of the house that Malcolm Smith built, every year. Proof of this outstanding craftsmanship, is the fact that, year in and year out, riders and racers throughout supercross season use MSR Gear. From Daytona to Las Vegas, you can see the Malcolm Smith Racing Brand at every track and pit.

Dirt bike riders go through almost an inordinate amount of motocross gloves all the time, so durability is a major concern. The MSR NXT Air Glove is built to last. The backhand of these motocross gloves are embossed and sublimated, helping with the wear and tear of usual dirt bike riding. The synthetic leather palm also has a hand in keeping your glove’s life, long. MSR Gear is all quality. The longevity of your glove’s life is a testament to that quality. You’ll be breaking out the MSR NXT Air Glove many times before you have to replace them. They will easily become your favorite motocross glove for your most important races.

Not only is this glove one of the strongest gloves out there, but they are also one of the most comfortable motocross gloves as well. The MSR NXT Air Glove has a streamlined and integrated cuff closure that keep your glove in place while you’re racing on the track. There is nothing worse than a motocross glove slipping off as you’re riding the whoops or rounding the track. These gloves also provide you with stretch finger slits that increase your comfort as well. However, the features don’t stop there, perforated vent holes also keep your hands comfy and ventilated. The best part about the MSR NXT Air Glove is the silicone graphic on the fingertips that give you a positive feel on your levers. You can feel and control everything your dirt bike, does and more with this feature. Twist the throttle when you need to, or lay off when it’s appropriate. Professional riders and amateur riders alike, appreciate the quality and comfort of these motocross gloves. They are definitely worth the price, as is all other MSR Gear.

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  • Streamlined and integrated cuff closure
  • Embossed and sublimated backhands
  • Synthetic-leather palm with minimal padding and perforated vent holes for added comfort
  • Silicone graphic on fingertips for positive lever feel
  • Stretch finger slits for comfort