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O'Neal - Hardwear Flow LE Pant

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O'Neal - Hardwear Flow LE Pant

The O'Neal Hardwear Flow limited edition Pant is an extraordinary piece of gear based on the Hardwear line of gear from O’Neal Racing. Continuing in Jim O’Neal’s vision of high quality motocross gear for the right price, the O’Neal Hardwear Flow Pant exhibits a bevy of technologically advanced features at an incredible price. This is the latest, lightest, and most comfortable Hardwear Pant available. Over 40 years of research and development in the motocross industry are on tap at O’Neal MX, and they are showing the fruits of their labor with the O’Neal Hardwear Flow Limited Edition Pant. Basically, these Pants have everything you could possibly want in a motocross pant, and more.


O’Neal Racing knows talent when they see it. Rising stars like Blake Baggett, Kyle Chisholm, and Bracken Hall have continually turned motocross racing on its head. However, a good team can be a great team with the right gear. This is where O’Neal MX comes in. The O’Neal Hardwear Flow Limited Edition Pant is a celebration of the recent success that O’Neal’s racing team has exhibited. This is a great looking piece of gear that will surely turn heads for the rest of supercross. The supercross events in Santa Clara and on through Las Vegas SX, will see a large uptick in numbers in O’Neal Motocross pants on and off the track that’s for sure.


Although the O’Neal Hardwear Limited Edition Pant is featherweight, it is also highly durable, featuring denier fabrics that keep the pant light, yet strong. Triple stitching is used wherever possible as well, to keep your mx pants longer for stronger. These motocross pants don’t play around. Even the air-intake rubber patches are lightweight! If there is a sturdier high-performance pant in the dirt bike gear game, it hasn’t been seen yet.


Performance does not take a backseat to the lightweight nature of the O’Neal Hardwear Limited Edition Pant. While seat padding and stretch spandex panels for flexibility are par for the course in high-end motocross pants such as these, O’Neal has also decided to include wide accordion-styled knees that are sized especially for knee braces, and ergonomic pre-bent and padded knee areas. These features combined improve comfort and performance greatly, which are interrelated. All these enhancements to the usual dirt bike pant all fit comfortably with help from a 360 degree adjustable bel that keeps them in place.


All in all, the O’Neal Hardwear Limited Edition Pants will have you riding stronger for longer. Comfort and weight are huge factors in shaving off valuable seconds off of your track times. Keep cool and comfortable with these pants. Strategically placed vents will keep your body cool and keep you from overheating. Along with the extra long leather heat shield to battle against the power of your dirt bike, these motocross pants will definitely beat the heat, so you can beat your best track times.


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Racing TechnologyThis is where it all comes together. With 40 years of racing technology and development, the Hardwear line encompasses all the benefits and features known to man and then some! The Hardwear line has received critical acclaim from the world’s harshest test labs and editorial staff and is proven to be the toughest protective apparel on the planet!

  •  Reduced weight – our lightest Hardwear pant!
  • Heavy duty but lightweight denier fabrics
  • Lightweight rubber patches at knee with integrated air-intake for cooling
  • 360 degree adjustable belt keeps pants in place
  • Extra long leather heat shield
  • Seat padding for comfort
  • Triple stitched in critical areas for durability
  • Stretch spandex panels for added flex
  • Wide accordion knees sized for knee braces
  • Ergonomic pre-bent and padded knee area