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Pro Taper - Wireless Hour Meter

Product Code: pro-taper-wireless-hour-meter
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 Pro Taper - Wireless Hour Meter

  • Easy to read display
  • Small and lightweight
  • Up to 999.5 total engine hour count (not resettable)
  • Up to 999.5 partial engine hour count (resettable)
  • IP68 resistant plastic case
  • CE-certified
  • Double sided tape included 

Don't waste your money


First off, I got the hour meter in the mail with 5.1 hours already on it. Package was still sealed. This tells me it doesn't run off of the engines harmonic vibrations. It counts hours for any vibrations. Sucked it up and Installed on my 2016 KX450 anyway. That weekend, went on a trip 3 hours away, in which the hour meter counted 1.5 hrs of the trip in the back of my truck (which rides smooth). Got riding, seemed to count somewhat accurately. Proceeded to wash my dirtbike later that evening and now it is stuck on "TOT". Apparently not water proof either nor water resistant. Will not display any hours or functions. Would recommend you buy one that hard wires to your bike.


Port Saint Lucie, FL


Pro Taper - Wireless Hour Meter

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