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Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Yamaha)

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Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Yamaha)

One of the most trusted available in the business. Used by most factory race teams.

These Renthal Countershaft Sprockets feature self-cleaning grooves which clear mud from the sprocket, which results in longer life of the countershaft sprocket.


As demanding as motocross may be for the rider, our race machines take a large amount of beating as well and require just as much tender loving care as our bodies. Keep your dirt bike running at its highest performance with the Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Yamaha). These high performance racing sprockets are specifically designed to fit most Yamaha dirt bikes and give riders the ability to change their top or bottom end fairly easy. These motocross parts from Renthal are the best motorcycle sprockets on the market and are made from Nickle-Chrome Molybdenum steel. These Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Yamaha) are case hardened at the entire of their production process which gives them increase strength, durability, and hardness to combat the brutal impacts and tension of a motocross track. The gearing on your bike can make or break your chances of getting a holeshot, or building up speed and momentum to hit that second saving triple. Be sure you know exactly what you are doing when you decided to play around with the gearing setup on your dirt bike. I prefer a smaller front sprocket and a slightly larger rear sprocket to give my bike the acceleration I like on the track, while also giving me the top end speed I desire in the desert trails. These drive train parts on your dirt bike go through extensive stress and can be easily damaged if routine checks are not made before, and after every ride. Increase your chances of winning by doing routine maintenance checks and if you notice any wear on your sprockets like bent teeth, cupped teeth, or teeth wear, it’s time for you to change out those sprockets.


Quicker Acceleration (more bottom end)

  • The smaller front Yamaha countershaft sprocket the more acceleration you’ll receive. A larger rear sprocket will also give you faster acceleration. An easy “Rule-Of-Thumb to remember is by changing 1 tooth in the front you are changing 3-4 teeth in the rear). DON’T FORGET IT!
  • This gives your Yamaha dirt bike a powerful low gearing ratio and is ideal for quick acceleration on tight and technical tracks or trails. The lower gear ratios are usually used for Arenacross NOT open desert riding!

For More Top Speed (more top end)


  • A Larger Yamaha Renthal front sprocket or smaller Yamaha Renthal rear sprocket will do the exact opposite. A larger gear ratio makes for a smoother throttle response and easier acceleration when you drop the clutch. This type of gear is great for sandy motocross tracks or open desert riding where you really want those few extra horses.
  • This type of set up gives your Yamaha dirt bike higher gear ratios for maximum speed and less acceleration.