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 IN ORDER TO CREATE COMPLETE USABLE KIT ORDER: Order (1) Storage Pack; (2) Mount Plate; and (3) Pack Mount. To order a Mount Plate and a Pack Mount, please CLICK HERE

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RotopaX - Outdoor Storage Packs

Product Code: rotopax-outdoor-storage-packs
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RotopaX - Outdoor Storage Packs

Warning: In order to create complete usable kit, order a Storage Pack, a Mount Plate and a Pack Mount. Please CLICK HERE to order a mounting pack and a pack mount.

Rotopax, the premier fuel storage solution... Popular with Marine/Water Sports, ATV's, Jeeps, Trail Machines, UTV's, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Trucks... If you can mount it, you can use it! Never run out of fuel again! Please CLICK HERE for RotopaX Outdoor Storage Packs overview.

RotopaX (patent pending) are proudly made in the USA by the original manufacturer of the 1st generation fuel and water packs. RotopaX are a unique modular system, made right here in the USA.

RotopaX is an exclusive, modular system that allows you to customize 2 Gallon packs according to your varying needs. It takes only seconds to switch between: Gasoline, Water, Diesel, Kerosene, 2-Cycle, Emergency Packs, First Aid Packs, Utility Packs and Unlimited Uses.

RotopaX utilize widely-available mounting brackets which make mounting and storing your RotopaX even easier. And remember that our packs can be used separately as well.


  • All spouts turn around and store inside of the fuel packs.
  • The water packs (white) are supplied with a yellow self-breathing flex spout that can be viewed and ordered as a replacement for water and fuel packs under our replacement parts category.
  • 2 Gallon Storage Pack: Use this empty storage pack to stuff whatever you need into. Great for carrying your lunch, some dry socks, your cell phone, anything!

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