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Scott - Hustle MX Goggle Chrome

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Scott - Hustle MX Goggle Chrome

The Scott MX Goggle Chrome is a picture of perfection. Although not as feature-filled as its older brother the Tyrant, this goggle holds its own against goggles of similar competition and price points. Perfect for the racer that wants to own more than one pair, the Hustle MX Goggle Chrome is at a price point where you can almost collect all the colors you could possibly want. Speaking of colors, this goggle comes with a bunch of colorways that can fit any gear set or dirtbike. The frames have integrated custom paint and are able to feature your personality based on the designs and colors you choose. These goggles, like any other Scott Goggle, are made in America. At almost half the price of other goggles, the Hustle is a great standard goggle that has both chrome and clear lens variations.

The technical aspects of the Scott Hustle MX Goggle Chrome include a 100% UV protected lens, and a NoFog Anti-Fog lens treatment to keep your path looking clear as you look at your competition. Not only is it important for the lens to be of high quality, but the goggle just staying on your face on rough rides and terrain is an important factor as well. Scott has you covered in this regard with the durable silicone-lined strap. This will keep your clarity front and center at all times, while keeping your eyeballs comfortable and protected against anything that’s thrown at you.

BTO Sports exhibits one of the largest collections of goggles out there, and Scott is a brand we carry in many varieties and styles. So go ahead and explore all our goggles to find anything you could possibly find for any ride you could possibly go on. will always be #1 in all things motocross, and goggles are a large part of dirtbike riding. You have to see your competition to defeat it!

A true competitor’s goggle, the Hustle is the top choice of many professional riders. With the option of either a clear or chrome WORKS lens and the NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment this goggle is made to provide clear, unobstructed vision.


    • Tyrant/Hustle Series lens and tearoff compatible
    • Integrated custom painted frame and strap graphics
    • 100% UV-protected WORKS Lexan® lens
    • NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment
    • Durable silicone-lined strap


Good Goggles


I use these for off-road/trail use. I've had them for 5 months now and no issues with them. Face foam is comfortable and does not break down. I have ridden with these in dry, hot, rain, and cold conditions. They do not fog up and vent well. I do not use tear offs so I wouldn't know how those perform. I am now at the point of replacing the lenses as the original lenses are scratched up (mainly for mud but not too bad). Tinted lenses are great in the sun, a little dark in the woods.


Augusta, GA


Scott - Hustle MX Goggle Chrome

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