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Slime - Classic Rubber Repair Patch Kit

Product Code: slime-classic-rubber-repair-patch-kit
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Slime - Classic Rubber Repair Patch Kit


No one likes a flat tire, but the fact is that everyone gets one eventually. Not being prepared when in the worst case scenario can be devastating. It can ruin a whole day of riding for you no matter where you are. If there are products available to prevent this from happening, why wouldn’t you purchase the right ones? In 1989, a company called Slime was founded. The company’s goal was to be a world leader in tire sealant technology. Slime products are truly one of the best motorcycle accessories you can purchase. The Slime classic rubber repair kit is extremely cost effective and works great. This motorcycle tire patch kit comes with everything you need in order to repair your tire to keep you safe and riding. Slime classic rubber repair patch kits are the most essential street bike accessories to have when on long road trips. It can help prevent the need for a huge tow truck bill. This is a proven tire repair kit that is exported to over 36 countries worldwide. Motorcycle accessories can sometimes be hard to choose. With the low price of this Slime classic rubber repair patch kit, you know that it is not a hard choice.


Not only has Slime created quality, great working products, they have a commitment to the environment. They focus on ensuring that all their products are environmentally friendly from production means to their ability to be discarded. Slime classic rubber repair patch kits are simple and easy to use motorcycle accessories. Just lightly buff the area where the tire is leaking. Then squeeze some of the rubber cement on to the affected area. Remove the clear plastic backing of the patch and apply it directly to the cement. Ensure all parts of the patch are firmly attached. Let dry and then ride. It’s that simple. Street bike accessories like Slime patch kits are a new age way to prevent anguish and frustration with a tire or tube failure. Slime also has many other great motorcycle accessories for repairing all types of tire leaks.


They also have great street bike accessories like tire gauges to ensure you have the appropriate level of pressure in the tire for safe riding. Many of our customers recommend Slime repair kits to be kept in the toolbox you take riding, or even the saddlebag of your motorcycle. Ensure to have one at all times. Even if you don’t have a flat tire, you can still have one available for anyone you ride with. Once your friends see that you were able to fix your flat, you will find that they will purchase one too. It’s never a good idea to not own motorcycle accessories that could save you from losing a good day of riding and sitting in a tow truck instead. Be sure to visit to read more about their awesome products. Then, make sure you come back to for all your Slime product needs. Our goal is to ensure that all of or riders are ready for whatever comes their way.