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TCX - Comp EVO Michelin Boot

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TCX - Comp EVO Michelin Boot

First and foremost, the TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot’s crown jewel is in its sole. This is one motocross boot that has its roots in the automotive world. Michelin has lent its expertise in the world of tire manufacturing to TCX in order to collaborate on one of the best dirt bike boots of all time. TCX Boots are already known to be of the utmost highest quality. However, the addition of Michelin’s highly durable, rubber sole, definitely puts the TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot at the top of the motocross boot pile. Not only is this dirt bike boot leaps and bounds better than all the other boots available, it comes in a wide range of colors that would match even the most colorful of wardrobes.

 New TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot Sole

Color and sole aside, the TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot showcases a bevy of features that surpass the quality of many of the boots in this top class of dirt bike boot. Of course, the main draw of TCX Boots is the technology. While the crown jewel of this motocross boot is the Michelin tires sole, this boot has plenty of other technologically advanced surprises in store for you. The Double Flex Control system keeps riders in their boots, without sacrificing ankle mobility. With the mobility comes protection for your ankles. The TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots give your ankles the ability to bend but not break. This allows you to safely maneuver the dirt track and grab that perfect speed!

 TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot Double Flex Control System

High end boots also mean more options. The TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot gives riders with large calves the protection they need, without sacrificing comfort. The adjustable calf system and the brand new aluminum buckle design will help riders of any calf size into this boot with ease. This feature and many others are admired by professional rider Broc Tickle, who will be rocking TCX Boots as a featured rider for them as he tears up dirt tracks all over the world.

Shop for TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boots and all other boots that TCX has to offer at BTO Sports today! TCX also makes street boots too if that’s your thing too. We have a wide selection of motocross boots on our site besides TCX as well, so be sure to choose from the latest and lowest prices on the internet when it comes down to buying some boots for the track.

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  • Double Flex Control System
  • Adjustable Calf System
  • Well-designed heat guard
  • New Aluminum Buckle Design
  • CE Certified