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Troy Lee Designs - SE4 Composite Yamaha RS1 Helmet

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2018 SE4 Composite Yamaha RS1 Helmet - Troy Lee

The 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite Yamaha RS1 dirt bike helmet is hot off the press! Yamaha riders were feeling a bit left out upon the Honda factory racing and KTM factory racing gear. However, it looks like the folks at TLD saved the best for last! The entire lineup is one of the best looking factory themed releases they have ever produced! This one is no exception. Not only is the 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Yamaha RS1 a great looking helmet, but it also has tons of great features to keep riders comfortable and protected! This helmet is a must-have for anyone rides Yamahas.


TLD has three different motocross helmets within the SE4 shell family: the Carbon, the Composite, and the Polyacrylite. Each helmet shell has its pros & cons that riders should be aware of before they make a purchase. The 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite Yamaha RS1 helmet obviously uses the SE4 composite shell. This is their mid-tier shell that shares common traits with the other two models. This TLD off-road helmet is engineered from a composite of fiberglass and carbon fiber materials. This unique blend makes this helmet, not only lightweight, but super strong too. The interior is fortified by Triple Density EPS foam, which helps absorb and mitigate direct impacts. In between these two layers lies the MIPS protection system. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a low friction layer that allows the outer and inner shells to glide past one another. This feature helps mitigate dynamic forces acting upon the head of the rider. This three layer approach makes this one of the best dirt bike helmets in terms of safety. All Troy Lee helmets are DOT and ECE certified.


The 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite Yamaha RS1 helmet has many other features, besides the awesome safety benefits! Obviously, safety is the most important feature when considering a helmet purchase. The second most important factor is the comfort of the motocross helmet. Every time you saddle up, that helmet goes on, and it might be while before you take it off again. A comfortable helmet can’t be stressed enough. This helmet features 22 high-flow intake ports and 6 exhaust ports to help keep you cool while you work up a sweat. The plush interior liner is moisture wicking, which draws moisture away from the riders’ skin where it can evaporate. Additionally, he liner is removable, antibacterial and washable. After a long day down at the track, the helmet can get pretty gross. The ability to wash or change out a liner keeps the helmet fresh for future rides.


Make sure to check out the Troy Lee Designs Factory Yamaha lineup! You can find all your off road helmets, hard parts, race wear and accessories right here at!



  • Sleek TLD SE4 styling wrapped in Yamaha-branded graphics, featuring the Tuning Fork brand’s traditional blue and white color palette bisected by their “Speed Block” stripe around the helmet’s midsection
  • Lightweight composite shell construction contributes to featherlight helmet weight of 1425 grams (Medium +- 50 grams)
  • MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) liner absorbs rotational force that would otherwise transfer to the brain, helping reduce the risk of concussion and internal head trauma
  • Triple Density EPS with extra foam strategically placed in critical areas to handle both low- and high-speed impacts
  • Chinbar reinforced with EPP foam liner for improved durability without excess weight
  • Efficient negative pressure ventilation system routes cooling airflow through 22 high-flow intake ports and six exhaust vents
  • 3D contoured cheek pads offer fine-tuned anatomical fit and feature quick-release functionality to facilitate safer helmet removal by EMS responders
  • Removable liners and cheek pads interchangeable for a customized refined fit from the six available standard sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large)
  • Exceeds certifications for DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05
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