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Urge - 2014 Down-O-Matic Veggie Helmet (Bicycle)

Product Code: urge-2014-downomatic-veggie-helmet-bicycle
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Urge - 2014 Down-O-Matic Veggie Helmet (Bicycle)

The Down-O-Matic helmet from Urge is their full face DH helmet ready for desending down the mountain. Reminiscent of the Endur-o-matic, the big vents at the front are round, in order to allow a maximum of fresh air to reach the pilot.
The vents are equipped with grids. Proportions, visibility and protection are optimal. The composite fiber construction allows an unmatched weight / protection ratio.

The interior is made of super comfortable soft, removable and washable pads. As featured by its little brother, the ABS visor is super light and vented. The helmet is lighter as a result and it also helps prevent injuries in the event of a crash. Its unique design makes the air go into the vents. Every feature on the Down-o-matic has been studied for a maximum performance while riding a bicycle.

For the Veggie models, we replace a part of the glass fibre generally used to manufacture full-face helmets by a 100% natural and vegetal fibre: the linen fibre. Linen (Linum usitatissimum) is a plant that produces really pretty blue flowers and grows in fields with low water needs, without fertilizer or chemical products. From this plant, we can extract oil but also fibre. This (long) fibre is weaved using highly technical processes and enables us to manufacture fabrics that, once molded a certain way and adding our expert knowledge, have very close characteristics to glass or carbon fabrics.

But unlike these two fabrics, the linen fibre is natural, requires low energy to be produced and its waste is compostable with no danger to the environment. Plus, it is non-allergic and is safe for our employees to use. The end result is very eye-catching (from the fields to our helmets), very strong and good for the Earth and human kind.

Around the world, or in your neighboring playground, the Down-o-matic will allow you to surpass your performances with style & optimal security.


  • CE1078/ CPSC Certification
  • Fiberglass or Linen/fiber construction (Veggie model)
  • Stylish and flexible anticrash visor
  • Internal venturi effect
  • Removable and washable pads
  • Grilled vents
  • Available in 2 sizes (S/M 54/57, L/XL 58/60)
  • Weight: 966 g