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Alpinestars - A-1 Roost Guard Roost Guard Zoom

Alpinestars - A-1 Roost Guard Roost Guard

Product Code: alpinestars-a-1-roost-guard-chest-protector
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BTO Sports has the Alpinestars A-1 Roost Guard Chest Protector in stock and ready to ship. The A-1 Roost Guard was designed for maximum comfort while you ride with less movement restriction from a tailored fit. Alpinestars, a brand known for their innovative designs and prestige, developed the roost chest protector to deliver quality, protection, technology and style riders need when participating in high action sports. This over or under the jersey protector protects the body from rocks and debris while promoting breathability and flexibility.

As a world-class developer for technical apparel, the Alpinestars roost chest protector offers a strong and durable hard shell that’s lightweight and breathable due to a unique blend of polymeric material. The lightweight design enhances flexibility while protecting the chest from injuries. The removable shoulder pads and upper back panel are combined with a soft bio foam chassis to deliver maximum comfort. Featuring an integrated BNS (Bionic Neck Support) puller, there’s easy and safe engagement while the chest protector stays in place. Also, an elastic strap system and an easy-to-buckle closure add to the secure fitment. This innovative design described above allows the chest protector to be used with neck support and the modular use of a back protector.

  • High performance polymeric material blend provides a hard shell construction while promoting flexibility
  • Unique construction offers a lightweight feel with increased breathability and air ventilation from a highly perforated shell that offers a cooling effect
  • Maximum comfort with soft bio foam padded chassis
  • Removable upper back padded panel to enable neck support compatibility
  • Soft touch BNS puller allows for easy and safe engagement of the BNS (Bionic Neck Support)
  • Size regulation promoted with integrated BNS puller and removable, adjustable shoulder pads
  • Easy-to-use buckle closure with an adjustable elastic strap system
  • Integrated Y-strap system allows for the modular use of back protector
  • Front shell CE certified against EN 14021 (stone shield)
  • Fits most riders from 119-187 lbs.

The Alpinestars Roost Chest Guard Protector from BTO Sports will keep the chest protected from light impact and injuries while participating in high action sports like motocross racing. Supported by the reputable brand, Alpinestars, the quality and durability of the chest protect offers an investment in comfort and protection.

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