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Womens Snow Gloves

Snow Gloves for Women

When it comes to choosing the gloves for snow skiing, the gloves type you choose can determine if your experience will be fun or agonizing because of frozen fingers. Due to this reason, purchasing the right set of snow gloves is a tricky yet a very crucial part before undertaking any snow sport. In this article, you will get to know about the top brands of snow gloves that we stock, learn more about their features and know why they are the best.

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Brands of Women's Snow Gloves

Fly racing produces top of the line women’s snow gloves to ensure your hands will stay nice and warm throughout the winter months. The Fly- ladies Terra Trek Glove is one of the top popular brands and has high quality features that make it one of the best. This Ladies snow glove is constructed from a nylon leather panel and has a reflective piping to help other skiers and snowmobilers spot you easier in the snow. Along with that, these gloves are design with Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane to increase the airflow, and improve comfortability. Topping off these gloves are the 3MTM Thinsulate TM insulation. Thinsulate is a thin, highly insulating fabric material that is utilized in outdoor clothing and sleeping bags to ensure your hands stay nice and warm when playing around in the fresh powder.

Being and avid snowboarder as a child, I quickly realized how unfortunate it was to have freezing cold hands on the slopes, especially when you get to the top of the mountain and the temperature drops significantly. I never had the best gloves because it was never too cold at my local mountain. Transitioning to higher altitudes at lodges with fresh powder, I quickly learned how important it was to have a high quality snow glove to keep your hands at an optimal temperature. These Fly snow gloves are a great choice for riders looking for an affordable, top quality snow glove to enhance their riding experience this winter.

DIVA Women's Snow Glove

Another top of the line company that produces high quality women’s snow gloves is a company called DIVA. Rising to the snow scene in 2010, Divas snow gear was founded by a woman named Wendy Gavinkski who had a passion to increase the variety and selection of women’s snow outerwear. With that, DIVA was born and women were able to find feminine gear that made them standout without sacrificing performance of comfort. The feminine fit and designer look was the main goal for Wendy as she wanted to provide females with top of the line snow gear they could wear on the slopes, in the backcountry, and around the base of the mountain while still looking cute. She accomplished that and by 2011 the line of snow outerwear became a hit!

Utilizing styles of men’s clothing for performance while incorporating the designs that would be fit the contours of a women’s body, DIVA Snow Gear blew the minds of females looking for a cute, high performance snow jacket, pants, gloves, or apparel. The DIVA Versa style gloves are one of the many gloves DIVA offers and is one of the popular styles of gloves for ladies. Available in all sizes, this women’s snow glove features moisture-wicking, anti-microbial lining to maintain optimal body temperature and comfort. The silicon, non-slip grip that is printed on the palm, fingers, and thumb region always you to carry your gear with ease even if it is wet from melted snow.

Another great feature that these gloves are equipped with is the E-smart fingertips. This technology allows the wearer to use their cellphone, or touchscreen operated devices without having to take off their gloves. Now, ladies can capture the perfect selfie without taking off their gear. The four-way stretch spandex allows for maximum mobility, while the durable stretch Kevlar between the thumb and index finger enhance the longevity and strength of these women’s snow gloves.

Arctiva Women's Snow Gloves

Another top brand for women’s snow gloves is Arctiva. Arctiva produces high quality snow, and snowmobile gear for men and women. This brand has a great mission as it has a passion to support local dealers by not selling any of their products online. They give companies like BTO Sports their equipment and allow us to sell their gear for them. Arctiva produces high quality snow gear such as the Arctiva Gem gloves. These gloves feature a fully insulated, waterproof and windproof breathable material that provides amazing comfort, and protection.

Having frozen fingers and trying to work the gas or breaks of your sled is not the easiest thing to accomplish, but with these gloves your hands and fingers will stay warm and protected throughout your entire ride. The wrist is equipped with adjustable straps and cuffs to help keep the snow out and the warmth in. Along with that, they also feature a silicone goggle wiper on the left index finger to help maximize vision during a snow storm.

These are just a few of the multiple women’s snow gloves you can find here at BTO Sports. If you have any questions regarding your purchase, or need help finding the perfect set of gloves, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing BTO Sports; we greatly appreciate your business and hope to see you on the slopes this winter season!

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