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Bell Race Star Street Helmets

Bell Race Star Street Helmets

The Bell Race Star Helmet is no slouch when it comes to protection. Including almost everything the Pro Star Helmet has under the sun, the Race Star is only second to the Pro Star. The Bell Race Star features the same flex impact liner and advanced cool jade fabric liner from Virus. Although the Pro Star features the most high tech components that money can buy, the Race Star Helmet has all the core components you could possibly want. Bell is the biggest name in action sports, and always has been. Bell would never release an inferior product, so The Bell Race Star Helmet is one of the highest quality helmets out there. Bell doesn’t skimp on products, so every part is the highest quality it can be, at the price point of right below the Pro Star. This helmet looks exactly like the Pro Star Helmet and Bell has made it as close to their top line helmet as possible without making it cost as much for the professional materials. The Race Star Helmet comes in many more colorways, which means there’s a color for just about any rider. Don’t forget what the name bell means to the protection industry, because no one else has.

The Bell Race Star Helmet is absolutely perfect for the serious motorcycle rider. These helmets have more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. Virus provides the inside materials, taking care of your comfort and hygiene in one fell swoop. Virus isn’t the only major sport brand that the Bell Race Star Helmet employs. Bell also makes use of a game-changing panovision system that allows for greater field of vision in all the Bell Race Star Helmets. A greater range of vision allows motorcycle riders to see more and anticipate potential accidents before they happen. This system is looking to prevent a huge amount of motorcycle related accidents on the road. Bell Helmets does not mess around when it comes to the safety of street riders everywhere.

From the Bell Race Star Solid Helmet that maintains a classic and subtle look, to the Bell Race Star Ace Café Helmet that looks like no other Motorcycle helmet on this planet, the Bell Race Star Helmet line is where you want to look. If you are into a variety of colors, make sure to pick from the many options that the Bell Race Star Tracer Helmet or the Bell Race Star Triton Helmet provides. Finally, if you are a huge fan of Roland Sands, then the Bell Race Star Roland Sands Design Chief Helmet is the perfect motorcycle helmet for you. The marriage between heavy hitting street brands Roland Sands Design and Bell Helmets is a match made in heaven for any motorcycle enthusiast.

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