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Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

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Motorcycle riders and dirt bike riders with experience choose Dunlop motorcycle tires time and again, across all riding needs and styles. Dunlop is one of the companies that is most dedicated to research and development, and always seems to be coming out with something new and exciting for the road or track. Whether it's innovation, performance, or just reliability you're looking for, you're likely to find it with Dunlop, an industry standard maker and breaker.

 Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

Quality and consistency from Dunlop motorcycle tires

It's no surprise that Dunlop motorcycle tires are one of the industry's oldest and most famous names. John Boyd Dunlop was actually the person who invented the first practical pneumatic tire in 1882. Inspired by watching his son on his tricycle, the inflated rubber “tyre” was designed to make riding a less painful experience. Today, we all owe him the smooth ride we enjoy on our high-end tires.

Since Dunlop invented those first pneumatic rubber tires, Dunlop motorcycle tires have been all about firsts. The company was the first to use radials. Dunlop was the first to manufacture tires with Kevlar belts. They developed the first high-end mini-bike tires, and Dunlop was also the innovator when it came to 20-inch off-road tires for motorcycles. When you shop for Dunlop motorcycle tires you can be sure you're benefitting from years of experience from this brand that has been a the forefront of the industry since its inception.

Types Of Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

Dunlop is one of the best motorcycle tire companies on the market. They make handfuls of different tires that are specific for on-road and off-road usage and are engineered with some of the best technological advancements to increase their durability, grip, contact, wet and dry traction and mileage. Whether you are an avid sport bike rider looking for the best of the best in tire traction and mileage, a racer looking for insane grip, or just a casual cruiser looking to keep both wheels upright on your Sunday cruise, Dunlop has the perfect tire waiting for you.

Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Tire

The Dunlop Sportmax Q3 is engineered with Dunlop’s Carbon Fiber Technology that uses Carbon Fiber reinforcements of the sidewalls to improve corner grip and speed. When running these tires, Dunlop wanted you to not just see the road, but feel it! This technology increases performance and feel to astronomical levels and will increase your riding experience as an end result. The Sportmax Q3 has a new and improved tread pattern that gives them exceptional traction in wet and dry conditions.

The grooves are longer to help deviate water away from the contact patch, ultimately increase contact and traction. This Dunlop Tire is also engineered with the Multi—tread technology as the rear tire uses a tough, long-wearing compound in the center of the tire which also increase contact, grip, and tread life. Tested right here in the United States, this Sportmax Q3 offers great grip, stability, and feel for riders of all levels and this is a high performance tire that is suitable for the track as well as the streets.

Dunlop Roadsmart II Tire

Another great tire that Dunlop produces is the Roadsmart II. This tire is a follow up of their previous version of the Roadsmart tire but is redesigned with all new tread rubber compounds to deliver impeccable performance in wet weather riding conditions and the increased tread depth definitely helps with the contact and traction of these tires in those types of conditions.

Along with that, the rear tire on the Dunlop Roadsmart II tires are also equipped with the multi-tread technology that helps increase lateral grip, corner grip, and feel. When you are pushing the limits through the canyon or on the track, you want to be able to feel your bike grip the road and understand the points of no return to increase your speeds, awareness, and handling. Everyone loves going faster each time they ride and if you are able to better understand your bikes strong and weak points, you will learn how to go faster with each and every ride.

Dunlop D803 Tire

Dunlop does not just produce motocross and road racing tires for street bikes or Harleys. Dunlop also makes tires for adventure riding which have enough knobbies to get traction when you hit the dirt, but enough grip to hold its own on the streets. Dunlop also produces a line of tires for trials bikes. Trials bikes need a tire that is lightweight, durable, and incredibly resistant to punctures and popping.

The Dunlop D803 Trials tires are one of those made specifically for trials riders! These Dunlop tires are used by the 10-time AMA/ NATC US Natioal Trails Champion Geoff Aaron and 6-time consecutive and current National Youth Champion Chase Harker. Rated up to function properly up to speeds at 80 miles an hour, these Dunlop tires will be able to handle virtually anything you throw at them. Check them out below!

Dunlop Tires

Shop for Dunlop motorcycle tires here at BTO Sports. We carry a great selection of Dunlop motorcycle tires, including Sportmax, Roadmax, D404, Elite, American Elite, D803, Cruisemax, Trailsmart, and more. We understand that Dunlop tops the charts for many of our customers and we carry what you're looking for. Adventure touring to Harley-Davidson, off-road to sport riding, we've got your Dunlop motorcycle tires.

Don't neglect this critical part of your ride; your tires are where the rubber meets the road. Nothing less than the best can ensure that you have the safest, smoothest ride. Still not sure which Dunlop motorcycle tires are the best choice for your ride? The pros at BTO Sports can help, whether you're looking for a more comfortable, safer ride on your cruiser, more power out on the trail, or more traction at the track, we've got you covered.