Five Riding Gloves

Five Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Five motorcycle gloves are a relatively new company to the industry, just over ten years old, but that does not degrade their reputation, quality, or functionality. BTO Sports is proud to stock these motorcycle gloves as they are becoming one of the best on the market and gaining more demand every day. Check them out below.


Five Motorcycle Riding Gloves

The Five brand was created by a French-Italian man named Franck Fazio. Franck used his experiences of working with some of the most prestigious Italian motorcycle equipment manufacturers and top riders to redefine the way the motorcycle glove should feel, look, and perform. Naming the brand after the protection gloves provide for your five fingers, Five quickly began gaining recognition within the motocross and motorcycle industry.

Five Gloves

There are multiple types of Five gloves to choose from like the Planet Fashion, the Slide, and the Stunt Evo Replica glove to name a few. BTO Sports strives to provide our customers with some of the best motocross and motorcycle gear, parts, accessories, and apparel on the market which is why we stock up in Five motorcycle street gloves.

Five Planet Fashion Motorcycle Gloves

The Five Planet Fashion glove comes in five different color schemes, ironically, and three of them have the design of a country. USA, England, and Brazil are the three countries that were selected to be printed on these gloves and they are all designed with the same top of the line features that make them great motorcycle gloves. The Planet Fashion glove are equipped with the Clarino Palm, which stems from the motocross world, that is a synthetic leather material that is 3 times stronger than traditional leather, and has microporous properties that allow heat and sweat to freely escape the inside of the glove. Along with that, this glove provides the right with adequate comfort and support without sacrificing functionality as it provides riders with ample feeling, grip, and traction to control their motorcycle.

Five Slide Motorcycle Glove

The Five Slide glove is also available in 5 different colors schemes so you should have no problem finding a color and graphic layout that suits your preferred style. These gloves are made with ventilated goat skin which gives these gloves great strength, durability, and comfort. Along with that, these Slide motorcycle gloves from Five have a molded carbon fiber slider with Kevlar padding which gives the rider the protection they need when they hit the ground. Increasing durability and strength even further, these gloves are reinforced with cow hide and incorporate Clarino to increase the grip and feeling as well. The lycra inner fingers allow the rider to move their fingers with a free range of motion that does not restrict mobility so they are able to control their motorcycle with ease.

Five Stunt Evo Replica Glove

Lastly, The Stunt Evo Replica gloves are one of the more expensive riding gloves out of the bunch and rightfully so. These motorcycle street gloves have a carbon palm protection and a leather palm that gives them unparalleled strength and durability. The knuckles are reinforced with a protective case that prevents them from abrasions and will help your glove slide on the asphalt instead of shred and tear. This riding gloves from Five are definitely worth the money and knowing the commitment and dedication that Five puts into all of their products, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Five Stunt Replica Evo Gloves.