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Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headsets

Why use a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet? Because you are working, raising a family, enjoying an active social life, or need to be reachable at all times. The days of motorcycle riding and communication being mutually exclusive are over. You can use your motorcycle helmet Bluetooth to use GPS, connect your helmet and phone to play music, or call someone. Many of these motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth can also pair with other Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. Some models even work for conference calling, radio use, and one-to-one chatting with your passenger. Ideally, you're looking for a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that provides you with crystal clear sound at any speed. It should also be water resistant so the weather isn't an issue, and should play and sync with your phone or mp3 devices. It should be light, comfortable, and adhere to relevant safety standards. It should be easy to use, and useable even when you're wearing gloves. Finally, you'll want to choose based on battery life; expect to get 7 to 8 hours from your motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth. How are

Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth

unique? Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are almost identical to those without Bluetooth; they simply contain headphones or a pair of speakers. If you're reluctant to trust the quality of the Bluetooth technology, don't be. Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth have evolved and are very sophisticated. And let's face it, a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet keeps even the busiest rider far safer and on the road. Imagine never having to pull over and fish for your phone. Or to have GPS guidance wherever you ride. Or even to talk to fellow riders or your passenger. It's all here now, thanks to Bluetooth technology. Contact BTO for help figuring out which motorcycle helmet Bluetooth will work best for you.